Wine Cellar Humidifier Low Operating Cost

Our Smart Fog wine cellar humidifier provides even humidity for wine barrel and bottle storage rooms, caves, and warehouses. Among its many advantages, the non-wetting property of this humidifier is different from all the rest.

Buy the wine cellar humidifier that will not wet barrels, bottles, or floor

Our wine cellar humidifier ES100 System is full automated and easy to install. It requires very little maintenance and provides consistent water droplet size of 4.2 microns. It can use any available water pressure, and the system operates by using only low pressure compressed air. Having the proper level of humidity in a wine cellar is very important because it eliminates mold, bacteria, and dust. The correct humidity levels also save on topping costs because wine does not evaporate when the humidity level is properly controlled.

An age old problem is solved with a wine cellar humidifier

When a wine cellar humidifier is used, evaporation and loss of wine in barrels is reduced greatly. Up to 14% of the wine’s volume can be lost over three years without the proper humidification, but with it topping is greatly reduced. When the humidity level is 95%, evaporation is reduced by more than half.