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FAQ Questions

What's the difference between self-evaporative humidification and other adiabatic humidification systems?
Like all adiabatic systems, our systems don’t heat water to generate humidity, but use a natural mechanical process that makes the humidification process extremely energy-efficient. But unlike every adiabatic system on the market, our proprietary self-evaporative technology never results in unwanted wetness or moisture fluctuations. Droplets self-repel and self-evaporate for extremely stable, uniform, and non-wetting humidity.
How much energy do Smart Fog systems save?
Every application is different, but Smart Fog systems save customers 50% – 90% energy on average.
What kind of maintenance does a Smart Fog system require?
Our systems are extremely low maintenance, requiring only the occasional water and air filter replacement. The system is manufactured from high grade plastic and 316 stainless steel, so there is no corrosion or build up. With zero moving parts, systems run for decades nonstop.
What is required for the humidifier system to operate?
The system operates using compressed air and water. The system requires at least 100 psi (or can be calibrated lower if needed) of compressed air and any water pressure available (even a reservoir with no pressure). Power is required only for the CPLC control unit. The unit requires any available 1 phase AC voltage, 2A. At maximum full capacity, each ES100-1 unit utilizes 0.6 kW, and each ES100-2 unit utilizes 1.2 kW. From data taken from our customers, it shows that the average consumption for each ES100-1 unit is 0.2 kW, and for each ES100-2 unit is 0.4 kW.
How long will it take to receive and integrate a Smart Fog humidification system?
We aim to get you your free quote within a business day, and if accepted, our lead times average a week – about 21 weeks sooner than other manufacturers. Systems come with ‘push to connect’ attachments, and all of our standard piping are flexible plastic pipes which makes the installation quick and easy.
What does your warranty cover?
All Smart Fog Systems come with a completely comprehensive 1-year or, for additional peace of mind, an optional 10-year warranty.
What is the expected system's lifetime?
Our systems are made in the USA and built to last. Using high-quality materials, no moving parts, and low voltage power, our systems easily last decades while running nonstop, while requiring minimal maintenance.
Can Smart Fog systems scale?
All Smart Fog systems are modular: units can be added to your system of choice, seamlessly scaling the application to fit your specific needs.
What kind of customer service can I expect?
We’re interested in building a relationship with you and providing long-term, comprehensive solutions. Even decades after installation, our team of engineers aims to serve our customers every step of the way.
Do Smart Fog systems adhere to regulations?
Because these systems are low-voltage and adiabatic, they meet the strictest electrical and building regulations and can be adjusted to meet your specifications.
Are your humidification systems environmentally friendly?
Since systems are 100% water-efficient, energy-efficient, and save employees time, our self-evaporative technology reduces your facilities environmental footprint while making business more efficient.
Can expensive machinery be placed right under the humidifiers?
Yes. Our system is specifically designed as a non-wetting humidification system. Which means that it would not wet anything underneath it. The system also prevents condensation from forming.
What kind of water is required to run the system? Is hard water an issue?

Hard water is not an issue for our system. Our main concern with water quality is the silica level in the water. If Silica is present, we offer a ZeroTDS® filter system which extracts all the minerals from the water. If dust is a concern, we highly recommend having the ZeroTDS® water filtration, to avoid any dust generated by the mineral content in the source water. he system utilizes 100% of the water, and therefore does not require any drainage.

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