ES100 Direct

Space Humidifier

Transform any space into ideal workplaces

Our signature ES100 is the market’s most efficient solution for direct space humidification. Trusted by industry leaders to meet stringent humidification requirements after a simple wall-mount installation, this in-room solution converts any setting into a clean, comfortable, and highly controlled environment. With the ES100, your workplace not only prevents energy and water inefficiencies but immerses your processes in pure quality control.

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Key Advantages

Non-Wetting Precision

  • Generates non-wetting humidity levels from 1% to 99%
  • Rapidly diffuses for uniform humidity that
  • keeps fluctuations within ±2%
  • Utilizes decorrelation, the most energy efficient way to generate droplets
  • Prevents all rust via 100% water use efficiency
    and non-wetting humidity

Ease of Use

  • Complete plug-and-play solution using minimal components
  • Modular system that can merge multiple units to fulfill dynamic needs
  • Easy to install and adjust for application and size specifications
  • USA-made with high-quality materials for durable turnkey solutions
  • No moving parts, no clogging, no frequent maintenance


  • Create precise, non-wetting environments for high quality control
  • Disinfect spaces by reducing dust and pathogens and eradicating mold
  • Regulate temperature with efficient double cooling technology
  • Eliminate static and electrostatic discharge to reduce workplace hazard

Included system components

CPLC Controller

  • The CPLC Controller is the intelligent controller behind all ES100 humidification systems, using advanced proprietary algorithms for ‘set and forget’ accuracy.

Pipe & Fittings Kit

  • We provide all the PE pipes and fittings necessary for easy and safe installation. Simply cut and push the pipes for adjustable, hassle-free connectivity.

S Series – Relative Humidity Sensors

  • S Series sensors ensure humidity accuracy within a range of 1% to 2% (depending on sensor model) so the CPLC Controller can trigger an accurate response, even when temperatures vary.

PB Control Center

  • The PB Control Center, a plug-and-play system, efficiently maintains humidity levels with long-lasting valve control, requiring easy replacement approximately every 30 years.


To increase capacity and scale operations,
add modular units to any model


  • Capacity: 0 – 3GPH / 0 – 25.02 Lbs / 0 – 11 Lph
  • Operating Temperatures: (45° – 180°F)
  • Water pressure requirement: 10 psi
  • Compressed Air Requirement: 4 CFM at 100 psi
  • Energy Consumption: 0.4 kW at maximum capacity. (Based on average compressed air use)


  • Capacity: 0 – 3GPH / 0 – 25.02 Lbs / 0 – 11 Lph
  • Operating Temperatures: (26-180°F)
  • Compressed Air requirement: 4 CFM @100 psi- 150 psi
  • Water pressure requirement: 10 psi
  • Energy Consumption: 0.4 kW at maximum capacity (Based on average compressed air use)


Group 1

Integration Package

The Integration Package enables flexible data collection and remote system control. Designed to work with most information systems and protocols, like BACnet and Modbus, the Package ensures easy communication with our controllers.

Frame 2715
auto flash 2645939

INJ-1 Automatic Injection System

The system’s sensors trigger the INJ-1 which automatically incorporates precise amounts of any water-dissolving material into the humidification system for disinfection, sanitization, or preservation.

filter 4111798

ZeroTDS Filter System

The ZeroTDS Filter System can produce 1000 gallons of pure DI water per day. Built-in sensors show when it’s time to change cartridges – the only maintenance needed.