Humidity Reimagined
No Maintenance. No Droplet Left Behind.

Protect your time and products, lower facility costs, and sustain the exact conditions you need for consistent success.

How We Ensure The Highest
Humidity Standards:


Droplet Generation

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Our time-tested technology and team facilitate self-evaporating humidity to prevent unwanted wetness in facilities of any size. Get humidity that never wets, customer support that never wavers.

Maintain exact relative humidity levels
Lean on our team to install and operate with ease
No excess moisture left behind
No space too big or small

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Self-evaporative droplets self-repel, rapidly saturating every corner without wetting, and without causing fluctuations. No matter the room size, no corner – and no droplet – is left behind.

Rapid, uniform coverage
Achieve full coverage in any room size
No fluctuations
No wet spots


Thorough Penetration


Energy Optimization

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Our humidification systems are adiabatic, saving customers 50-90% more energy compared to other systems. Low energy, and no maintenance, allows systems to run seamlessly for decades.

Saves significant energy
Enjoy efficient lifetime performance
No maintenance
No excess energy expenses

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Droplets stay suspended to keep the air humid and surfaces dry for the utmost quality control. Humidity without wetness empowers productions without setbacks.

Sustain stable humidity levels
Maintain dry surfaces everywhere
No moisture-related setbacks
No mold, rust, or water damage of any kind


Self Evaporation


Lifelong Satisfaction

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From durable systems that need no maintenance to solutions that adapt and scale with you, we solve all humidity challenges today for satisfaction decades from now.

Customize and automate humidification
Add modular units as productions grow
No maintenance required
No moving parts or breakdowns

Systems Spotlight

All systems generate self-evaporating humidity, but here are customer favorites:



Our signature ES100 is the market’s most efficient solution for direct space humidification.
Trusted by industry leaders, this in-room solution converts any setting into a highly controlled
environment, no maintenance required.


The TS100 integrates self-evaporative technology into new constructions and existing duct systems.
Eliminate the need for droplet screens, drain pans, and evaporation chambers while creating precise humidity throughout
industrial and commercial settings.




The ES100M puts all the benefits of our signature ES100 on wheels.
This energy-efficient, plug–and-play humidity solution creates the perfect amount
of humidity anywhere you go.