Dependable Disinfection for Every Surface

Integrate water-soluble chemicals, saturate all surfaces, and automate disinfection needs.
With any Smart Fog system, leave only clean, dry surfaces behind.

How We Ensure the
Highest Hygiene Standards


Easy Integration

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When used for disinfection, self-evaporative humidification cleans with precision and ease. It’s the only technology that reverses H2O charges for rapid diffusion, allowing facilities to combine chemical disinfection with the precision of self-evaporation.

  • Integrate any water soluble chemical
  • Disinfect with precision and ease
  • NO installation modifications needed
  • NO corrosion or chemical complications
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Self-evaporative droplets self-repel, allowing moisture to travel quickly and penetrate hard to reach areas. Coverage is fast, vast, and sustains stable and well-saturated environments without wetting.

  • Penetrate hard to reach surfaces
  • Disinfect inside packaging and large rooms
  • NO uncontrolled contaminants
  • NO surfaces missed


Thorough Penetration



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Self-evaporative humidification reduces contaminants until these droplets do what they’re designed for: total evaporation. No mold or product damage – only clean, dry surfaces are left behind.

  • Maintain clean, dry surfaces
  • Safe, breathable environments
  • NO unwanted moisture
  • NO mold, rust, or chemical residue
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Every self-evaporative system can be automated, and the chemical ratio adjusted, to match facility needs. Disinfect at night for clean and seamless productions during the day.

  • Automate concentrations and frequency
  • Add modular units as operations scale
  • NO chemical or water damage
  • NO worker exposure to chemicals


Custom Automation

Systems Spotlight

All systems can disinfect, but here are customer favorites:



A portable, cost-effective solution for humidity and disinfection:
As a mobile unit, the ES100M takes the disinfecting power of self-evaporative humidification
on-the-go. Integrate any water-soluble chemical for maximum hygiene and minimal effort.


A reliable, direct space humidifier for clean and controlled environments:
Trusted by industry leaders to meet stringent humidification and disinfection requirements, this
in-room solution immerses your processes in pure quality control.





Custom Fit Fog Tunnels

A stable, disinfecting cloud for conveyors:
Allow produce to pass through disinfecting clouds, meet food-grade safety standards, and
exit tunnels dry. With a custom fog tunnel installation, use self-evaporative technology’s natural
decorrelation process for efficient, non-wetting, and enclosed disinfection.

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