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Our proprietary tech reverses water-to-water attractions for self-repelling, self-evaporating humidity that never fluctuates, wets, or wastes.


Molecular Attraction

Water molecules are naturally attracted to other water molecules, forming puddles, condensation, and patchy humidity coverage. The only way to avoid excess moisture is to break these attractions up. 

Our self-evaporative technology employs a mechanical process to reverse these attractions. These droplets then diffuse quickly and evenly – no matter the environment – without wetting a single surface.

From 1% and 100% humidity, self-evaporative droplets stay completely suspended until they dissolve into the air, sustaining precise, non-wetting environments regardless of room layout or temperature.

Most systems allow humidity fluctuations as high as 10%, but self-evaporative humidification sustains humidity fluctuations within 1–2%. Even when humidity levels are above 90%, no droplet is left behind.


Self Evaporation


Facility Integration

Installation and operation is easy. No maintenance, parts, or extensive facility renovations are needed. Each system automates humidity for precise, hands-off control.  

From built-in or mobile designs, our engineers craft solutions to meet every need. We combine advanced technology and award-winning service to lower facility costs and enhance humidification from beginning to end. 

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For efficient, precise, and controlled environments.

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Each system uses self-evaporating
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Droplet Comparison

Wet Fog

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Wet Fog droplets burst and wet the surfaces, like rain.

Dry Fog

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Dry Fog droplets rebound from surfaces, like soap bubbles.


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Smart Fog evaporates completely into the air before reaching the surface. (Lightening fast uniform coverage)

Droplet Features

Eliminate Dust, Mold, Bacteria & Virus

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Intentional droplet size

Smart Fog engineers droplets at precisely 4.2 microns to attract dust, bacteria, viruses, spores, and other unwanted particles, oxidizing and eliminating them in the process.


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Most droplet sizes

Anything over 5 microns will push unwanted particles away, but will not completely eliminate contaminants from both air and surfaces.

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