Protecting critical environments for operational success

Whether it’s server rooms, command centers, laboratories, or aircraft hangars, controlling humidity without incurring excessive costs or causing damage to people or products sets the stage for operational success in complex and critical environments.

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The Humidification Challenge

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High Maintenance

Traditionally, many facilities utilize steam or high-pressure technologies to generate humidity. These systems rely on high voltage and a number of moving parts that, over time, strains and wears components out, harms performance, and creates higher labor costs.

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Excess Moisture and ESD

If the droplets do not evaporate properly or the room is unevenly saturated, excess moisture settles on surfaces and damages materials. Likewise, low or fluctuating humidity levels create static charges – on materials and human skin – causing electrostatic discharge (ESD) to build.

Especially in environments with electrical components, ESD can trigger equipment malfunctions and even explosions.

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Dust and Contamination

And while it’s not always noticeable, dust is a major threat in the defense industry. The EPA has created hazard guidelines for dust levels, but only a unique humidification system can properly control dust to these standards.

However, so many of these qualified humidifiers are expensive and need excess maintenance, and the alternatives are not energy-efficient and leave condensation on surfaces. To protect complex and critical environments, humidifiers need to humidify appropriately while preventing each problem.

The Self-Evaporative Solution

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Preventing Excess Moisture and ESD

Even in sensitive and explosive storages, self-evaporative humidification technology offers intrinsically safe solutions. For starters, self-evaporative droplets have had their water-to-water attractions altered which causes them to repel one another and provide uniform, no-wetting moisture at all humidity levels.

By keeping complex environments at their desired level of humidity – without unwanted or uneven moisture – self-evaporative technology prevents the problem of ESD buildup.

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Preventing High Maintenance

Self-evaporating humidity is also controlled via durable components and low voltage for safe operations, and generates precise humidity based on intelligent algorithms.

This means facility personnel can enjoy hands-off, high humidity control without worrying that humidifiers will require extensive maintenance, or fail them during critical operations.

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Preventing Dust and Contamination

Self-evaporative technology furthers safety by eliminating dust, providing a reliable environment for all operations.

The self-evaporative process reverses cohesion, enhancing adhesion and drawing airborne dust towards the droplets. Once contaminants adhere, they undergo oxidation and are eliminated.