Decades of Reliable Partnership

Serving Diverse and Demanding Industries with Time-Tested Solutions

For over 40 years, industry leaders have trusted our cutting-edge humidification technology and committed team to enhance operational performance, efficiency, and safety. Whether it’s the precision of our systems, the materials we use, or service we provide, we lead our industry to help you lead yours.

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Our Mission

Building humidification systems that exceed every standard and maximize customer success.

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Our Vision

To lead the humidification industry forward, perfecting each environment as we go.

Our Story

In 1980, our engineers noticed several overlooked problems.

While helping governments and NGOs modernize their infrastructure, we witnessed how reliable and precise humidification significantly enhanced the productivity that businesses could achieve.

However, many humidification systems would break down, create excess moisture that damaged materials, and waste energy.

So, we created one high-quality, comprehensive solution.

Our self-evaporative technology generates droplets that dissolve entirely into the air to create the most efficient, hygienic, and controlled environments possible.

Today, our humidity helps manufacturers, hospitals, every winery in Napa Valley, and many more. If you’re ready to enhance your environment, our engineers are ready to find the perfect solution for you.

We Believe

“Quality Means Generating Extremely Efficient Humidification So Anyone
Can Consistently Create The Conditions They Need To Succeed. It Means Prioritizing
Low-maintenance And Durability In Our Designs, Resulting In Equipment That
Withstands The Test Of Time.”

– Ido Goldstein, Chief Engineer At Smart Fog