Automotive Manufacturing

Keeping Production Lines and Automobiles Running Smoothly

The automotive industry deals with many parts and people, and the right level of humidification impacts them all. Ensuring optimal environments for production lines means ensuring humidity is never too high, too low, or too wet. For smooth productions and smooth-running automobiles, this is what humidification needs to achieve.

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The Humidification Challenge

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Low Humidity Makes Assembly Difficult

From paint jobs to electrical components, low humidity compromises automobile assembly. Across the board, the greatest risk is the electrostatic discharge (ESD).

When moisture in the air does not properly dissipate, the accumulation of charges can trigger shocks and sparks, as well as electrical malfunctions and explosions.  Even minor incidents can disrupt and destroy production flow.

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High Humidity Poses its Own Risks

The problem doesn’t evaporate when moisture is pumped into the air. In fact, the problem often sticks around in the form of excess moisture that damages products.

Assuming electrical equipment is safe from the risk of ESD – which may not be the case if humidity fluctuates – machines and products are still not safe from mold, malfunctions, rust, other damage.

The Self-Evaporative Solution

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Striking the Balance

 The only way to ensure environments support smooth productions is to leave the problems of both high and low humidity behind. To do this, humidity must be non-wetting and non-fluctuating.

This means that the moisture in the air, no matter how high, cannot stick to any surface. Thankfully, this is what self-evaporative humidification naturally achieves.

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Maintaining Stability:

Self-evaporative humidification systems produce humidity that never wavers. Droplets diffuse across large spaces quickly – from 1% to 99% humidity – to eliminate ESD and the holdups, discomfort and dysfunction it causes.

Using no moving parts, low voltage, and high precision sensors, the self-evaporative system keeps humidity at the chosen level throughout the room, without fail or fluctuation.