For centuries, wine producers have lost wine to evaporation through the barrels during the aging process. Wine aged in barrels at 16° C (61°F) can lose over 14% volume in three years when stored at 60% RH. Traditional European wineries stored their barrels in natural cellars to maintain high humidity and reduce the need for "topping", (adding wine to each barrel during the aging process).

Modern wineries, with above ground cooled aging rooms, need modern technology to raise the humidity to 95% and cut the loss to evaporation by more than half. At the same time, yet barrels must remain dry on the outside to prevent mold which can damage the barrels and the wine.

Smart Fog Humidification solution provides true "dry fog" for controlled high humidity. In most cases wineries are able to maintain between 70-80% rH which is ideal for storage of wine in barrels. High humidity reduces wine loss to evaporation and reduces the need for topping, yet barrels stay dry and without mold. Raising the humidity to 70% can reduce losses to evaporation to under 1% per year.

How it Works?

Smart Fog Humidification Solutions supplies high-humidity "dry fog" with droplets of 4.2 microns in diameter. The droplets evaporate into the air before reaching the ground. No free water collects on the barrels and the storeroom floor stays dry.

The Smart Fog System has a large non-clogging orifice needing minimal maintenance. It allows full computer control and tracking of the humidity level in the room. The optimum humidity level reduces evaporation and reduces the need for topping.

This table show the benefits of increasing relative humidity:

Reduced topping means less labor and less chance of mixing batches.

The barrels remain dry, preventing mold. High humidity (water vapor in the air) is sometimes confused with wetness (freestanding water on a surface). Mold can only form in freestanding water, not high humidity. The high humidity reduces evaporation without danger of mold, and helps preserve the barrels.

Easy installation and low maintenance make the Smart Fog the only choice for "dry fog." The Smart Fog System's large 1.5 mm orifice won't clog like pinhole foggers, so easy annual maintenance is sufficient.

The Smart Fog Humidity Sensor gives accurate and reliable control, with full data reported and stored on a PC.

Smart Fog® utilizes the patented enforcement technologies to reverse the correlation effect. This causes a consistent water droplet size of 4.2 microns to be distributed and enforced into the air uniformly. All systems operate utilizing only low pressure compressed air (100 psi) and any available water pressure.

Using our fully automated ES100 System specially designed for SIMPLE INSTALLATION & LOW MAINTENANCE, you’ll be able to achieve the following:

Reduce topping cost with Smart Fog's NON-WETTING HUMIDIFICATION SOLUTION.

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