What Kind of Commercial Humidifier Do You Need

No matter what commercial industry you’re in, humidity can become a bigger problem than you’ve perhaps ever estimated. Maybe you’ve avoided buying a humidifier, though, because you worry it might cost you too much money in maintenance. Or, worse, you simply don’t have room for one.

If you’ve used a hygrometer lately and determined you have overly low or high humidity, you need to do something about it now. Ignoring it only leads to possible health problems in your employees due to overly dry air. Overly high humidity could affect your company equipment, especially in a warehouse setting.

So what kind of commercial humidifier do you need for a solution? Because you may have a physical space problem within your work setting, you may need to consider other installation options.

Here at Smart Fog, we’re one of the few companies providing alternatives on where you can place your humidifier. Let’s take a look at the choices you have and how they work.

Direct Space Humidifiers

The most basic type of humidifier is a direct-space humidifier that you can place anywhere. Unfortunately, far too many humidifiers on the market are too bulky and get in the way of employees. A lot of these units also have moving parts that could become dangerous if your workers work nearby.

Since injury is always one of your biggest concerns, you’re better off finding a humidifier without moving parts. You also want to find a humidifier that doesn’t take a lot of room, has energy efficiency, plus gives you innovative features not found anywhere else.

Our direct space humidifiers provide many innovations, including non-wetting precise humidity control using a de-correlation process. This prevents any condensation from developing on surfaces around your workplace.

Another useful feature that’s extremely hard to find is smaller water droplets to prevent the above condensation. We use a 4.2 water droplet size through our equal air spacing technology.

In-Duct Humidifiers

When you absolutely have no room for a direct-space humidifier, you may want to invest in an in-duct humidifier. These integrate easily with your existing HVAC systems to control relative humidity on a constant basis without having to worry about manual controls.

You may need this if your general cooling system brings too much condensation, or overly dry air. At the same time, the in-duct system manages to control mold, bacteria, and dust, three things posing health dangers to your employees.

As a major benefit, you don’t have to worry about drains, pumps, or fans thanks to our innovative technologies.

Installing Your Humidifier on a Wall

How many humidifiers have you found where you can install it on an internal wall? This could become your best option when in-duct installation or direct space products aren’t possible.

All of the same features you see in the direct-space and in-duct products apply to the wall-mounted unit. Now your employees can work freely with open space and not worry about a humidifier being obstructive.

Mobile and Fog Tunnel Options

Our staff at Smart Fog realized not all industries are alike, so you may need specialized humidifier products to accommodate unique situations. It’s rare to find mobile humidifiers, though we make them here in the USA. Even better is you can customize a mobile unit for your own needs.

These mobile products have applicability to numerous industries from trucking to hospital facilities.

Don’t forget about fog tunnels you can use on conveyor belt systems. Not all of them get made with stainless steel. You’ll find the best materials with us so your employees aren’t exposed to high humidity during food processing.

Contact us at Smart Fog to learn more about our humidifier options and installation choices.

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