Smart Fog® is the leading manufacturer of dry fog commercial humidification systems. In fact, we developed and patented Dry Fog technology for our industrial humidifiers, and claim the smallest humidity control system water droplet size in the industry. If you need a commercial humidifier, humidity, fumigation, or cooling solutions then give us a call. Our industrial and commercial humidification systems will perform consistently, reliably, and save you money. Therefore, the Smart Fog Commercial humidification systems are worthy of consideration for your facility.


Lastly, all of our commercial humidifier equipment is engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. We meet the strictest standards of workmanship and reliability. Contact us for a free quote on a commercial air humidifier.

ES100 Industrial HumidifiersDirect Space Humidifier

Smart Fog® ES100 Direct Space Humidifier

The ES100 from Smart Fog is a direct-space humidifier for commercial environments of all sizes. Purchase the ES100 to experience premium humidification at peak efficiency.


A Large Space Humidifier for Commercial Use

Industrial success and productivity significantly depend on the atmosphere, temperature, and humidity levels of commercial and industrial buildings. The right indoor humidity levels assist industrialists with a wide range of processes, including production, designing, surface treatment, preservation of prototypes and the handling of technical equipment. Smart Fog can help you meet this goal with our high-quality, incredibly dependable industrial humidifiers for sale. Smart Fog is the best choice for a commercial building humidifier.

The ES100 humidifier uses Smart Fog® De-Correlation Technology — the most efficient way to produce water droplets for humidification. Each droplet is 4.2 microns, resulting in rapid evaporation and non-wet humidification. Each model comes with automated controls that execute precise humidification requests without direct oversight. The ES100 humidifiers can be wall mounted or inserted into ducts.

Our automated and efficient ES100 System specifically designed for simple installation and minimal upkeep means you’ll achieve the following without increasing utility bills or compromising safety:

  • Non-wetting precise humidity control
  • Elimination of mold, bacteria and dust
  • No drains, no pumps or fans required

TS100 In Duct HumidifierIn-Duct Humidifier

Designed for applications that require in-duct installation. With 100% evaporation technology, there is no need for droplet screens, ducts or drains.


  • NO Drains, Droplet Filters Required
  • Maintenance free, no moving parts
  • Fast and simple plug and play installation
  • 4.2 micron droplet size with Smart Fog® equal air spacing technology

ES100M Mobile HumidifierMobile Humidifier

Bring portability to your commercial humidifier needs. The ES100 mobile is a complete plug and plays mobile humidification and disinfection system that’s perfect for on-the-go applications.   The Smart Fog® Mobile provides economical and convenient solutions for a wide range of humidity control and disinfection applications including: LEARN MORE

FT100Fog Tunnel Solutions

The Fog Tunnel is a stainless steel enclosure that may be retrofitted on any existing conveyor system or custom manufactured. The contained structure prevents worker exposure. The Fog Tunnel is a stainless steel enclosure that may be retrofitted on any existing conveyor system or custom manufactured. The contained structure prevents worker exposure.
  • All materials used in the fog tunnel are food grade.
  • All materials are UL & NSF approved, and BPA free.
  • All components are also RoHS compliant.
  • Both air & water are filtered prior to entering the system and oxygenated at output, thus also aiding in the cleanliness of the system.
Our technology provides the smallest droplets in the industry

Smart Fog humidity control solutions are designed to deliver consistent, precisely controlled results in every application.
Since every customer's situation is unique, we manufacture different models of commercial humidifier products.


  • Need humidification right on your processing line?
  • Have a custom application that you need to maintain a precise relative humidity level for?
  • Are you seeking a commercial humidifier or an industrial humidifier that can efficiently meet your requirements?
  • Our expert engineers will be happy to assist you.

Commercial evaporative humidifiers play a significant role in industrial areas and huge commercial facilities. At Smart Fog, we offer some of the best industrial humidifiers for commercial use that work by directly adding moisture to the air throughout the commercial building by infusing water vapor into the environment. This ultimately helps these commercial facilities achieve increased humidity levels whenever needed. Businesses, production plants, and industrial facilities can significantly benefit from our commercial humidifiers when struggling with low humidity levels and dry air.

We offer some of the best humidifiers for commercial use that can be easily used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and a wide range of other commercial spaces. These noise-free humidifiers primarily improve indoor air quality by increasing moisture levels for an optimal production environment. They also contribute to improved comfort and worker productivity in such environments.

Whether you're a part of the food processing industry, manage a healthcare facility, or supervise textile production operations, our commercial humidifiers for sale are the best choice for you. We will set you up with a humidity control system tailored to your need.

Our Specialists Can Find the Perfect Commercial Humidifier Solution For You