Commercial Humidifier

Whether it’s for food safety, HVAC, food ripening, the nursery or virtually any application, using a well-designed commercial ultrasonic humidifier is critical. After all, if your products are left to the elements, and the climate they’re stored in isn’t controlled properly, you can stand to lose a lot of money. Even worse, you may stray from food safety standards, risking disease and illness. The Smart Fog commercial ultrasonic humidifier lifts these worries from your shoulders. You will rest assured that the food and other products you store and grow are being kept in the best climate possible.

commercial humidity

Our Humidification Technology

By using a Smart Fog commercial humidifier, you can enjoy uniform droplet size and impeccably even distribution when you need it most.

Our system achieves uniform droplets at 4.2 microns by leveraging our proprietary fog humidification method. Smart Fog® De-Correlation Technology reverses cohesion and boosts adhesion to minimize the size at which droplets form and help them bond with other air particles.

The small droplets evaporate soon after dropping from the humidification device, allowing them to enter the air as vaporous moisture before falling to the ground. The result is efficient humidification without the damage that comes from water droplets falling on electrical equipment or materials that should remain dry.

Precision Matters

Using a Smart Fog commercial ultrasonic humidifier, you get to take advantage of the superior precision and control that go along with that equipment. Our humidification systems feature an ES100PB control center and CPLC controls that allow you to set precise humidity levels and temperatures. The controllers, alongside an S Series relative humidity sensor, automate all operations to produce the ideal conditions when necessary.

Scalable Humidification Systems

Also, Smart Fog brings unparalleled scalability to the table, meaning that you can use it for projects of all size, shape, and scope. Whether you need a commercial ultrasonic humidifier to handle a massive warehouse storage space or you need one for a more modestly-sized greenhouse, Smart Fog is sure to meet and exceed all of your expectations.

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Unlike other humidifiers, most textile humidification systems use less than 50% of water and energy. You simply can’t find a better commercial ultrasonic humidifier anywhere. Our systems use 50%-90% less energy than the competition. Our proprietary decorrelation process is the most efficient method of water droplet generation.

Reputation Is Key

Smart Fog commercial ultrasonic humidifier equipment has earned a reputation for excellence. We’ve built our reputation through the incredible craftsmanship, technology, and innovation that go into each and every product.

Versatile Humidification Solutions

From farmers to commercial storage facility managers to wine entrepreneurs and much more, people from hundreds of different industries rely on Smart Fog equipment. Their loyalty to Smart Fog products is a testament to the quality and superiority of these machines.

Protect Your Bottom Line With Quality Features

If you’re looking for a commercial humidifier, state of the art technology and exemplary features matter to you then you should look no further than Smart Fog. Unlike other humidifiers, Smart Fog features the following specifications:

  • Even distribution via uniformly sized droplets as small as 4.2 microns ensures a dry surface
  • Less than or equal to 100 PSI pressure that enables greater control and execution
  • More than 60% water and energy conservation translates into lower utility bills
  • In addition, Low maintenance characteristics saves you time and money
  • A commercial humidifier that is truly easy to install – and simple to use
  • Most of all the ability to achieve up to 99% humidity. Without wetting, it allows for finely honed climate control
  • Compared to other humidifiers, it can cool down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit that mean maximum flexibility
  • Moreover, Full automation means that this commercial humidifier doesn’t need supervision. So, it allows turning your attention to more important matters

Smart Fog: A Commercial Humidifier That’s Head And Shoulders Above The Competition

There are many reasons that people choose to use a Smart Fog commercial humidifier over competing brands time and time again. Also, quality craftsmanship, superior features, unbeatable control, effortless operation and ease of use are just a few. In conclusion, take care of your business and let Smart Fog commercial humidifier to handle your needs. So, the main applications are:

  • Disinfection
  • Packing houses
  • Schools
  • Oil rigs
  • Hospitals
  • Storages
  • Airplanes
  • Office buildings
  • Supermarkets
  • Housing
  • Hotels
  • Agriculture
  • Wineries – wine Barrel storage
  • Cold Storage – Produce storage
  • Ripening rooms
  • Green Houses – propagation
  • Green house Production


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