How Humidity Can Extend Asset Lifetimes

There are many direct and immediate benefits of humidification, but what about the benefits that quietly compound over time? Humidification systems are long-term investments that either drain company resources or heighten ROI. Preserved and prolonged asset health is, while an indirect benefit, a vital sign that you’ve made the right investment.

Preserving Asset Lifetime by Preventing ESD

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs when electrical charges do not properly dissipate, and in dry environments full of moving materials and people, static charges will erroneously build and release. These ESD events may be small, but the consequences can be steep, costing facilities anything from employee discomfort to electrical damage and even destructive explosions.

Avoiding dry conditions is the go-to strategy for preventing ESD events, but keeping environments humid is not a fool-proof strategy. Conditions and temperatures can still fluctuate, especially in dynamic environments if the humidity is not sufficient or achieves only spotty coverage. The trick is to not only avoid dry conditions but eliminate all fluctuations throughout the manufacturing environment. The moisture in the air must be sufficient, but it can’t be wet.

Preserving Asset Lifetime by Preventing Excess Moisture

Excess moisture creates about the same amount of problems as it solves, damaging equipment and corroding materials, just like ESD. But avoiding excess moisture with most humidification systems is not easy. Even if facilities achieve a fine mist using steam, ultrasonic atomization, or other humidification technology, the droplets will naturally adhere to one another and form wet spots that air can’t evaporate fast enough. By forming puddles and wetting surfaces, humidity will, at best, disrupt optimal workflows and product quality. At worst? Humidity can damage expensive facility assets.


To protect and prolong expensive equipment, humidity must be in the Goldilocks zone at all times: not too dry, not too wet, but just right. On the molecular level, this means H2O droplets must self-repel to avoid sticking together and wetting. And with Smart Fog’s proprietary decoupling technology, self-evaporating humidity is efficiently—and naturally—achieved.

By the same token, self-evaporative humidification also prevents ESD events. Since the droplets self-repel, they dissipate and travel quickly, saturating even difficult-to-reach areas to sustain the right amount of humidity throughout the room. Uniform and lightning-fast coverage eliminates moisture fluctuations, as well as minimizes temperature shifts. And when these conditions are gone, so are ESD events that damage assets.

So, if you’re concerned about preserving and prolonging your facility’s expensive machinery and materials, choose a humidification system that eliminates the chances of Electrostatic discharge as well as moisture damage. Humidity that perfectly permeates and evaporates keeps facilities in their unique goldilocks zone where assets are protected, and where productions thrive. 

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