What Humidification Innovation and Technology Means for Commercial Businesses

Industry has come a long way since the industrial revolution in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Through trial and error and technological innovations, mechanization and now computerization have transformed industrial processes for many different commercial businesses. These improvements have created both automation to accelerate production and safety measures to protect the health of workers. Exploring this further, let’s look at what humidification innovation and technology means for commercial businesses today.

Protecting Equipment and Resources

Excessive moisture levels (too high or low) have always been a problem for industrial environments; low humidity causes dry and dusty conditions and high humidity causes mold and bacteria to flourish. Industries such as plastics, printing, paper, pharmaceuticals have problems with static build-up when humidity is too low. As a result, it can cause sparks and damage to industrial equipment and the personal working them.

Excessive moisture levels can damage documents in museums or cause malfunctions in hospital operating rooms, as well. Different forms of humidification systems have been used in industry. From the beginning for these and other reasons, including providing a comfortable environment for workers and customers. This can significantly eliminate (or reduction) of bacteria, mold, and other airborne particles.

Innovation and Technological Changes in Humidification Systems

There’s been a number of different humidification systems created over the years, to combat excessive moisture level problems for industries and homes. It includes evaporative, natural humidifiers, vaporizers, ultrasonic, forced air humidifiers, and impeller humidifiers. These all have their advantages and disadvantages, yet all are, simply, inferior to Smart Fog® humidification systems.

Dry fog humidification systems were developed from Smart Fog® Technology, and are now the leading humidification systems for industrial use. Basically, this innovative technology has evaporated the disadvantages of old humidification systems (pun intended) and added superior advantages that now set the standard for humidification systems. This is good news for businesses in need of maintaining perfect moisture levels in their industrial and commercial environments.

The progression of technology and equipment in manufacturing, hospitals, clean rooms, etc. – now requires superior humidification technology than was available before. In the process of meeting these vital technological humidification needs, all commercial businesses now have access to superior humidification systems to ensure comfort, health, and safety in their working environments.

What Makes Smart Fog® Technology Superior?

In essence, this is called de-correlation technology, which is a natural, mechanical process that uses no chemicals. This technology reverses the correlation effect of the properties in water, by generating 4.2-micron droplets (smallest ever created) that don’t attract to each other, but rather oxidize into thin air. While dry fog and wet fog droplets bounce and wet surfaces in the industrial environment, Smart Fog® 4.2-micron droplets evaporate before they reach any surfaces.

Energy Efficiency

Smart Fog® humidification systems take less energy and pressure to run, which makes our commercial humidifiers safer and less expensive to operate. Also, the 4.2-micron droplets attract bacteria, viruses particles, dust, air-borne diseases, and spores – oxidizing them completely and sanitizing the environment; bigger droplets retract these and do not sanitize the environment. This is why Smart Fog® humidification systems are the best choice for clean rooms and hospitals because they sanitize in the process of maintaining perfect moisture levels.

Lastly, one of the main reasons why Smart Fog® humidification systems are leading the way concerning innovation and technology is because they require very little maintenance (every 2 years) and their plug and play installation is simple and easy.


Industrial humidification systems have progressed substantially since the industrial revolution. Keeping pace with the needs of the industries, maintaining proper levels of moisture protects expensive industrial equipment. It also improves the health of workers and customers, and creates a comfortable work environment. Smart Fog® Technology is leading the way with innovation and technology, filling these vital and desired needs of commercial businesses.

The common pitfalls of prior humidification systems have been improved upon greatly with Smart Fog® humidification systems. Businesses don’t have to worry about constantly unclogging the nozzles, regulating the machines, cleaning up wet spots, paying higher energy bills. Moreover, they don’t have to tense about protecting their workers from the high-pressure hazards the machines created. Instead, commercial businesses can now, simply, choose from one of the four Smart Fog® humidification systems offered. They can greatly and benefit from the progress made through innovation in humidification technology. If interested in learning more, please contact us today.

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