Using In-Duct Humidifiers in Business to Preserve Equipment and Employee Health

One of the reasons you’ve perhaps neglected to use a humidifier in your business recently is because you simply don’t have space. It’s a common complaint, and it’s a legitimate one when businesses have little physical space available other than for equipment. Because of this frustration, your business may suffer from extremely low relative humidity without you immediately knowing. In-duct humidifiers are your solution to this problem, even though it’s not always possible to find this through every manufacturer.

At Smart Fog, we’ve created multiple options for humidifying your commercial business. Along with innovative technologies incorporated into each unit, you may need only one product to humidify your entire building.

Our TS100 is one of our top-selling humidifiers that comes in a version designed for in-duct installation. Doing this helps solve numerous challenges when complemented by our innovative technologies like equal air spacing, and evaporative cooling system.

Let’s see how in-duct humidifying works by preventing equipment damage and restoring employee health.

Customized Programming

Installation of your in-duct humidifier can occur fairly quickly, so you’ll be ready to start using it immediately. Your main concern, though, is perhaps how you’ll keep relative humidity correctly balanced in every company room.

Our TS100 unit has customized programming available to let you control exactly how much humidity you need at any time. Through a CPLC Controller program, you can hook up to all your automation systems throughout the building. It means you’ll have automated control with your in-duct humidifier to eliminate constant supervision.

Having this in place helps a lot of things for your business’s interior. First, it’s going to protect valuable things you use in your offices.

Protecting Equipment From Dry Air

Neglecting to use humidifying technology through your HVAC system places a lot of your office technology at risk. However, it doesn’t just stop there at creating damage.

Particularly in the winter when air could get overly dry from your heating units, things like plaster, paint and furniture could start to crack or warp. Any wood products around your office usually show signs first, especially wooden floors.

If you’re starting to notice wood furniture looking warped or starting to fall apart, you’ll know it’s due to dry air. The same goes for equipment in your office, which could become irreparably damaged due to excessive static electricity.

Protecting Employee Health

While things can sometimes be replaced, valuable employees can’t. When your workers start getting sick and perhaps quit due to uncomfortably low humidity, you truly have a significant problem.

Your in-duct humidifier keeps the relative humidity at perfect range, so your employees don’t have to breathe errant dust and other pollutants. Your TS100 unit uses equal air spacing technology, so droplets stay at 4.2-micron size. It prevents any airborne contaminants from becoming an issue.

Keeping every office humidified also prevents employees from dealing with dry skin, or developing respiratory problems. Not only that, you prevent the spread of viruses like the flu, or colds.

Using Your In-Duct Humidifier Without Fear

Anything automated might make you nervous about what could go wrong. Since our TS100 is manufacturing in the USA, you can assure the parts are durable and last for many years. It’s extremely energy-efficient as well, helping you save on your heating/cooling bills through each season.

Thanks to low operating pressure, it’s very safe to let run on its own for hours every day. We’ve even incorporated a non-clogging mechanism so it doesn’t need continual maintenance.

Contact us at Smart Fog to learn more about our extensive innovations with the TS100. You’ll discover why in-duct humidifying is just one choice among several when humidity needs better control.

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