Using a Humidifier to Help Commercial Printers

Most people probably give very little thought to the fact that paper needs moisture. Paper is a naturally made material that has to maintain a relatively high humidity level for commercial printer use. When paper is stored around commercial printing presses and becomes dry, it tends to curl. When that happens, it can be a nightmare for a printing company. That is why having a humidifier to help commercial printers is essential.

Low Humidity can Wreak Havoc on Commercial Printing Operation

Not only does it hold up production, but lower humidity puts a whole lot of stress on printing machines. That can lead to expensive repairs and more downtime for a print shop operation. Low humidity also causes static build-up, which can make the pages stick together and not stack correctly. When the pages aren’t in line, it can lead to misfeed, paper waste, and a whole lot of working hours fixing the problem. That is why prevention is the best solution when dealing with the humidity of a commercial printing operation.

Investing in a Reliable Humidifier to Help Commercial Printers

There are many different types of humidifiers that a printing company can invest in to keep things running smoothly. But they don’t all work equally or as efficiently. Since maintaining high humidity is prudent to the printing process, investing in a humidifier is critical for cost management.

The Limitation of a Traditional Humidifier to Help Commercial Printers

Traditional humidifiers work through creating heat, steam, or pressure. However, they aren’t always as reliable at keeping the air saturated to the degree that humidifiers help commercial printers. The traditional types of humidifiers also use a lot of energy churning out moisture into the air.

Reversing Water Molecules is the Better Way to Go

The best way for humidifiers to maintain a constant level of humidity and use a lot less energy is through reversing the charges of water molecules. When you put two water molecules together, they will always combine no matter how small they are. If you reverse the charges of the water molecules, however, they repel one another. When they repel, they stay in the air as humidity. Also, since the water molecules repel each other, you don’t have to worry about them combining. That reduces wet surfaces that can affect the printing equipment or lead to a risk of slip and fall injuries.

For a commercial printing operation to run smoothly, there needs to be a high and continuous level of humidity in the air. If there isn’t, it can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the printing equipment, cause the paper to curl and stick together, and result in the loss of man-hours. Smartfog is a revolutionary type of humidifier that delivers consistent and continual humidity by using technology to reverse the charges of water molecules to keep them in the air. To save costs for your commercial printing operation, invest in a Smartfog humidifier today.

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