Smart Fog® – Revolutionary Technology for Humidity Control

Smart Fog® technology is based on a natural decorrelation process (see diagram below). These effects are caused by the negative charge of the Oxygen molecule and the positive charge of the Hydrogen molecule attracting.

Smart Fog® De-Correlation Technology reverses the correlation effect through a non-chemical mechanical process.
The technology reverses the cohesion and maximizes adhesion.

Correlation refers to the cohesion and
adhesion properties in water.
Cohesion: Water is attracted to other water. Adhesion: Water attracted to other materials.

de-correlation technology

Smart Fog®

  • Save Energy and Water
  • Low Maintenance
  • Plug and Play, No Regulation
50 - 90 %less energy usage

Other Technologies

High Pressure

  • Nozzle
  • High pressure pump


  • Nozzle cleaning
  • Moving parts


  • Electronic boards transducers


Heat Compression Maintenance:
  • Canister
Wasted Energy and Water , High maintenance and replacements , Need specific pressures
Need to maintain precise environments?

Droplet Comparison

  • Wet Fog

    Wet Fog droplets burst and wet the surfaces, like rain.

  • Dry Fog

    Dry Fog commercial humidifiers DryFog.US Humidity Control System Humidification Systems

    Dry Fog droplets rebound from surfaces, like soap bubbles.

  • Smart® Fog

    Smart Fog evaporates completely into the air
    before reaching the surface.
    ( Lightening fast uniform coverage )

Technology Features

Eliminate Dust, Mold, Bacteria & Virus

Droplets of 4.2 microns

Dust and air borne diseases, bacteria, viruses particles and spores are attrac­ted to the smart fog droplets. The system can also be utilized to disinfect and sanitize duct systems using any water dissolving chemical.

Droplets of over 5 microns

Droplets of 5 microns or larger retract air particles.

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