Smart Fog® – Revolutionary Technology for Humidity Control

Smart Fog® technology is based on a natural decorrelation process (see diagram below). These effects are caused by the negative charge of the Oxygen molecule and the positive charge of the Hydrogen molecule attracting.

Smart Fog® De-Correlation Technology reverses the correlation effect through a non-chemical mechanical process.
The technology reverses the cohesion and maximizes adhesion.

Correlation refers to the cohesion and
adhesion properties in water.
Cohesion: Water is attracted to other water. Adhesion: Water attracted to other materials.

de-correlation technology

Smart Fog®

Smart Fog machines offer clear advantages:
  • Save Energy and Water
  • Low Maintenance
  • Plug and Play, No Regulation
50 - 90 %less energy usage

Other Technologies

High Pressure

  • Nozzle
  • High pressure pump


  • Nozzle cleaning
  • Moving parts


  • Electronic boards transducers


Heat Compression Maintenance:
  • Canister
All technology outside of Smart Fog results in wasted energy and water, requires frequent maintenance and replacements and needs specific pressures to function.
Need to maintain precise environments?

Droplet Comparison

  • Wet Fog

    Wet Fog droplets burst and wet the surfaces, like rain.

  • Dry Fog

    Dry Fog commercial humidifiers DryFog.US Humidity Control System Humidification Systems

    Dry Fog droplets rebound from surfaces, like soap bubbles.

  • Smart® Fog

    Smart Fog evaporates completely into the air
    before reaching the surface.
    ( Lightening fast uniform coverage )

Technology Features

Our technology will eliminate dust, mold, bacteria and viruses. Here are the features that empower new humidification efficiency possibilities:

Decorrelated Water Droplets

Smart Fog droplets attract dust, airborne diseases, bacteria, viruses particles and spores. The system can also be utilized to disinfect and sanitize duct systems using any water-dissolving chemical.

Droplets of 4.2 Microns

Smart Fog machines consistently produce 4.2-micron water droplets. Their smaller size expedites evaporation. Droplets of 5 microns or larger take more time to evaporate. The droplets reach the floor and other low-level surfaces before evaporating, resulting in condensation that could endanger valuable equipment or your personnel. Our droplets enable non-wet humidification.

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