The ES100 Direct Space Commercial Humidifier for Businesses

Searching for a commercial humidifier for businesses can become a challenge, simply because you can’t always find one with features you want. Whether it’s operating efficiency, little maintenance, or energy and water consumption, you can’t always find these attributes in the many humidifiers out there.

So where do you turn to find one with these features and more? At Smart Fog, we’ve become a leader in developing unique humidifiers giving you precise humidity control like few others. Our ES100, in particular, gives you many of the things you expect, yet provides so much more. It also provides convenient ways for using it, so it doesn’t get in your way.

Above all, the ES100 (and all our humidifiers) get manufactured in the USA. You don’t have to worry about inferior parts that give out after a short time. We’ve made these to last, but let’s look at the innovations we’ve included to help maintain relative humidity in your company.

Ready to Use to Control Your Humidity Levels

No doubt one concern you have about humidifiers is being able to set them up in a hurry. With the ES100, you simply plug in and it’s ready to go. Since it has no moving parts, you don’t have to worry about the product being dangerous around your employees.

What’s important about the above is it reduces continual maintenance, unlike other humidifiers you’ll find. Some employ complex technology but still don’t properly maintain the relative humidity balance in your workspace.

Thanks to automated controls, the ES100 has a non-wetting, precise humidity control system. You can go from 1% to 100% in any conditions.

Innovative Technologies

You’ll find the trademarked title Smart Fog® next to many of the technologies we’ve developed for our line of humidifiers. One feature you’ll appreciate on the ES100 is our equal air spacing technology. This helps bring a 4.2-micron droplet size that attracts virus particles and spores for oxidation.

Using this technology, you can also disinfect and sanitize any ducts you use with water-dissolving chemicals.

Double cooling technology is another feature we’ve created, which uses evaporative cooling and cold fog. All of these features maintain a better humidity level that doesn’t fluctuate at the worst possible times and compromise employee health.

Trust in Humidifier Operation

Not all humidifiers are completely safe to operate without your supervision. You’ll get more peace of mind using the ES100 because it’s super economical and conserves energy and water. It’s also extremely safe to use unattended thanks to low operating pressure. For this reason, ES100 is considered as the leader of Commercial Humidifier for Businesses.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about wet spots when setting your humidifier around the office. Just place the product where it’s needed, and you can let it run all day without checking its functionality.

Convenience in Humidifier Placement

One of the biggest hassles in competing for humidifying products is not being able to place it in a convenient spot. When you’re already finding it hard to find space for anything new, finding the right place to set a humidifier could be a major headache.

The ES100 is extremely versatile for placement, including allowing you to mount it to a wall. Having it on a wall allows more floor space when you have heavy foot traffic.

It’s available to insert into ducts as well so you can make it work through your HVAC system. Everyone in your company is going to appreciate this because it humidifies every room within your building without having to invest in multiple units.

Contact us at Smart Fog to find out more about the ES100 and the humidifying technology that helps us stand apart.

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