Static Electricity Must Be Controlled

For most of us, static electricity is relatively harmless. It is that nuisance that causes our socks to stick to other pieces of clothing. Or it is that thing that causes us to shock ourselves whenever we cross the rug at our grandmother’s house. Or maybe it is that strange phenomenon that causes our hair to stand on end after going down the tunnel slide at the playground. It is simply a part of life. In a nutshell, static electricity is the buildup of an electrical charge on a particular surface. This is often the result of friction and will dissipate quickly.

However, static electricity in some work environments, especially those dealing with delicate electrical components, can be quite dangerous and costly. Industrial static control using a commercial humidification system can eliminate or reduce issues and dangers surrounding static electricity in an environment where technological components are being produced. By regulating the temperature and amount of moisture in the air, the amount of static buildup can be controlled, and the risk of severe shock or damage can be mitigated.

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