How Do Commercial Humidifiers Work? Finding Innovative Features to Help Your Business

If you’re still wondering how commercial humidifiers work, you’ve probably ignored the relative humidity in your workplace for far too long. Maybe you’ve avoided buying a commercial humidifier simply because you aren’t paying attention to how it’s affecting your employees and equipment. Or, you think humidifiers are far too expensive, bulky, and need too much maintenance.

All of the above can become true if you buy standard humidifying equipment. What’s important is to look for innovative technologies providing more exacting control over the humidity in your commercial business.

It’s not easy to find, though we’ve become a leader in bringing similar features here at Smart Fog. We’ve looked at what commercial businesses really need, and designed features giving durability, less maintenance, and dependability through and through.

Let’s look at the features you need in a commercial humidifier, what’s usually missing, and what we’ve created to amend things.

Droplet Size

A lot of commercial humidifiers create droplet sizes that are far too large. They don’t create enough evaporation before an airborne droplet lands on a nearby surface. It’s why you’ve probably had to deal with condensation on nearby equipment in your business after leaving a humidifier on for hours.

The larger the droplet is in the air, the less apt it’s going to evaporate quickly. This is why we’ve designed a smaller droplet size at 4.2 microns. At this level, you’re guaranteed the droplets evaporating sooner and preventing any water from accumulating around surfaces.

As a strong suit in commercial humidifiers, you’re given 100% evaporation and more complete water efficiency. You’ll be hard pressed to find any other humidifier giving you this innovative technology, though it should become a standard.

Energy-Efficient Water Droplets

Connecting to the size of the water droplet is the correlation process related to cohesion and adhesion of water properties. De-correlating water is important to create a more efficient water droplet. In most humidifiers, you won’t find this technology, hence leading to far less energy efficiency.

We’ve worked hard to create a de-correlation process in our products without using chemicals. In all, you’re going to save up to 50% or more in your energy bills thanks to this energy-efficient system.

Keeping Your Workers Safe With Low Pressure Operation

A lot of humidifiers on the market don’t operate with a low pressure system, hence leading to safety issues and costing more on your energy bill. It’s important to have a humidifier in your business that uses around 100 psi pressure to avoid overheating and possible dangers in your workplace.

When your employees have to sit near a humidifier, you want a guarantee it’s going to stay safe. All of our products operate at only 100 psi of compressed air. Since we also use plastic piping, you’re going to have easier installation, saving you time setting these up in multiple departments.

Oxidizing Airborne Diseases

How many humidifiers help you not only control humidity, but also airborne diseases, bacteria, viruses, and dust? You usually have to buy separate equipment to get rid of things like this, especially in dust suppression.

Our commercial humidifiers bring all of this to you in one unit, including options in installation. One option is using in-duct units that work with your existing HVAC system. However, direct-space humidifiers are easy to place in any location without feeling obstructive.

Through an automated system, you’ll maintain perfect relative humidity and prevent diseases from harming your employees. With the ability to get rid of dust, you’ll stop major health problems from affecting your workers, as well as eliminate harm to vital equipment you depend on.

Contact us at Smart Fog to learn more about our commercial humidifiers and what you can expect compared to others you’ve used for years.

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