Commercial Humidifiers: Getting Rid of Your Air Conditioner

Without the luxury of air conditioning during the hot summer months, city life would be almost unbearable.  The sun bakes the heat into tall brick buildings, and going indoors and into your apartment can feel like going into a personal oven.  While air conditioners are great for cooling, they can sometimes cause throat and chest irritation, as the blown, cold air can have an adverse effect on some people’s respiratory systems.  However, there are some alternatives to air conditioners when it comes to regulating temperatures. Non-wetting commercial humidifiers can help maintain optimal temperatures, while keeping the air “breathably” moist and comfortable.

Industrial and commercial humidifiers can eliminate cold, blown air issues in office spaces and factories as well.  In work environments with high ceilings, or complicated floor plans, pumping cold air into the whole facility can be costly and ineffective.  With commercial humidification, it is no longer a matter of cooling a space.  Instead, it is a matter of maintaining a comfortable temperature.  This summer, think outside the air conditioning box in your home or office, and create the optimal environment for rest or work.

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