Commercial Humidifiers and Why Smart Fog is the Best

Smart Fog creates high-quality commercial humidifiers. They are used in many different industries, including schools and medical facilities.  Also, they are used in wine barrel rooms, ripening rooms, and greenhouses. What makes Smart Fog better than other humidifiers? It all comes down to the high-tech features in Smart Fog systems. These features can help a wide range of commercial industries. Read on for more information about these technologies.

Micron Droplets

Smart Fog systems use micron droplets. They are the smallest in the industry. The size of the micron droplets allows them to stay airborne longer. Also, they evaporate more efficiently before ever reaching any surface. This means Smart Fog systems have a 100% evaporation rate and that no surface will get wet.

Energy Efficient Commercial Humidifiers

Another benefit to Smart Fog systems is that they are energy efficient. They use 50-90% less energy than other humidifier technologies. In addition, they use a process that generates water droplets without requiring a lot of energy.

Eliminates Dust, Mold, Bacteria, and Viruses

Through the use of micron droplets, Smart Fog systems are able to get rid of dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses. The toxins are attracted to the droplets by adhesion. In addition, once they are attracted, they are oxidized. This is the perfect system for places that need to be very clean. This includes schools, labs, and medical facilities.

Precise Humidity Control

Smart Fog uses a CPLC controller. The controller figures out the required humidity level for any environment. Each room will receive the exact amount of moisture that it needs.

Low Maintenance Commercial Humidifiers

These systems require little maintenance. Also, installation is easy. The humidifiers use push-in connectors. They do not need adhesives.  In addition, the piping is plastic. The piping is easy to install and long-lasting. The humidifiers also do not have moving parts. This reduces the chances of something breaking. Just in case, Smart Fog systems come with a comprehensive one-year warranty. An extended warranty is also available.

If your business is looking for commercial humidifiers, look no further. Smart Fog systems have advanced technology.  The systems will humidify your environment in a healthy, efficient way. These systems have micron droplets that attract airborne toxins. In addition, they are energy efficient, offer humidity control, and require low maintenance. For more information about Smart Fog humidifiers and which model would work best in your environment, contact us today.

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