5 Reasons For Installing Printing House Humidifiers

You want to do everything you can to make sure that your printing house is successful. You may not have thought about printing house humidifiers and how much they can be beneficial. However, a simple installation of a humidifier can have a dramatic difference in the quality of printing that you produce.

Avoid Electrostatic Build-up

Whenever there is an electrostatic build-up, it can cause problems with the printing press. If electrostatic builds up there is the risk that too many sheets of paper are trying to enter the printing press at once, or you are struggling with the binding process. When you have a printing house humidifier, however, the electrostatic build-up will dissipate. Not only will you not have to worry about printing problems associated with the charge, but you also won’t have to worry about various shocks when you touch objects inside the press.

Eliminate Dust

Dust is extremely common within a printing press, and for good reason. Everywhere you look, paper is being cut. Regardless of how you cut the paper, it’s going to create dust. It’s going to fly around in the air and may even make it difficult to breathe. The dust may accumulate on everything, including drying ink.

This can pose a problem. However, improving the humidity level can do wonders. The average printing facility should have a humid environment of around 50 to 60%.

Commercial Humidifier Eliminate Web Breaks

Web breaks can happen all the time, and it can be extremely difficult to troubleshoot the problem. One of the most common reasons for a break is press related and is often because the paper is too brittle. Particularly when the break is at different spots every time, you may think that it is the paper that you are using. However, the installation of a printing house humidifier may solve the problem altogether. This is because there will be just enough moisture in the air to play a dramatic role. The paper will not dry out as quickly, ensuring that you can get the highest quality printing done, without having to worry about web breaks in the future.

Reduce Paper Damage

Paper can be easily damaged when the environment is too dry. This includes dealing with curling of the paper as well as general textile damage. Depending upon what the humidity level is and the paper you are dealing with, it may end up with the paper drying out. This can make it more difficult to print on, fold, and handle as required by what it is that you are working on. Book printing, card printing, and even newspaper printing can all benefit from a printing press humidifier, so you don’t have to worry about paper damage.

Printing House Humidifiers Improve Health of Employees

You may not even realize it, but a cough your employee lets out or the scratch they do of their arm may be as a result of the air being too dry. The reality is that when the air is not at a desirable humidity level, it can cause health problems. This includes sneezing, coughing, dry skin, and bloody noses. It can exacerbate common cold and cough symptoms, too. When your employees are not at their 100%, they cannot give 100%. As such, the installation of a humidifier may also help to boost productivity because you can improve their health considerably while they are at work.

There are many different benefits of having a humidifier. Whether you choose an induct system or one that can be mounted to the wall, you can start to see improvements immediately upon it being up and running.

To learn more about printing house humidifiers, contact Smart Fog Inc. today.

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