3 Ways a Commercial Humidifier Benefits Your Company

A commercial humidifier has many benefits for your company. They can improve employee health, create an ideal environment for productivity, and protect materials and equipment. Whichever industry your company is in, you can benefit from a humidifier in these three ways.

Improve Employee Health

Commercial humidifiers add tiny water droplets to the air. These droplets catch airborne particles of dust, bacteria and mold. Your employees may experience fewer sick days with the cleaner air. This can boost your profit levels.

Boost Productivity

Air that is full of dust particles can cause employees’ mucous membranes to go into overdrive. Their sinuses could become drippy or clogged, which can result in headaches and interruptions. When you have cleaner air, you reduce the chances that your employees’ focus will be divided by sniffles. Workplaces can have higher productivity by simply adding the right commercial humidifier to your offices or HVAC system.

Protect Your Assets

When you have sensitive equipment, highly valuable items, or ripening fruit, you need a consistent humidity level. By using a commercial humidifier, you’ll have consistent size in water droplets that create even humidification. This is important in hospitals, science labs, warehouses, museums and other specialized businesses. Our humidifiers also help neutralize static electricity, which can protect your computers, printers, scanners and copiers.

Types of Commercial Humidifiers

SmartFog humidifiers are the highest quality commercial machines on the market. The uniform size of the water droplets sets our humidifiers apart. You’ll save on repairs and maintenance because our humidifiers have no moving parts. Our humidifiers produce a good return on investment because they have a long life.

We can help you select the best type of commercial humidifier for your business. We base our suggestions on your space and usage requirements. Consider these three types of humidifiers we offer.

First, a direct space humidifier is best for small areas like offices, storage closets and classrooms. These humidifiers are budget-friendly and require little maintenance. Next, our mobile humidifier is great for easy transport between rooms. Finally, our in-duct humidifier is a good choice for humidifying an entire building. It is a convenient option for larger spaces where you need consistent humidity levels.

Choosing a Commercial Humidifier

We offer years of dependable service with our commercial humidifiers. They are built to the highest quality standards in the industry. When you reach out to us, we will look at your needs and make suggestions that consider your space and budget. No matter which type of humidifier you choose, we have affordable payment options.

You’ll reap benefits with a humidifier from the first day of use. You can protect your investments, boost productivity and improve employee health all at one time with our top-quality humidifiers. To discover which one of our commercial humidifiers is best for you, contact SmartFog today.

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