Why Industrial Humidifiers for Hospitals are Even More Necessary in Cold Weather

In cold weather, hospitals need to take additional precautions, including adjusting the humidity levels. There are several reasons why industrial humidifiers for hospitals are essential. They’re even more important in winter. These are the ways your hospital can benefit from an industrial humidifier in cold seasons.

Reduce Infection Levels

Dry air is like a sponge for water droplets. It will try to take moisture from everywhere, including hospital patients’ bodies. Because of this, dry winter air affects the mucous membranes in our noses and throats. Unfortunately, when the mucous membranes can’t sufficiently protect these areas, infections are more likely to happen.

If you want to protect patients from airborne diseases, an industrial humidifier can help you. They will keep air levels properly humidified. This keeps patients’ mucous membranes from being stripped. As a result, this also protects hospital employees from getting and spreading infections. You can limit the spread of the common cold, influenza and other viruses with the help of an industrial humidifier.

Keep Patients Comfortable

If the winter air is too dry in your hospital, patients may experience sore throats and dry, itchy eyes. This can cause additional complications that can slow down their healing process. By keeping a steady humidity level with an industrial humidifier, your patients will feel better and be able to heal faster.

Tend to Infants’ and Mothers’ Needs

Babies born in your hospital maternity ward will greatly benefit from an even humidity level. Their immature immune systems need protection from airborne diseases. A hospital industrial humidifier can prevent the spread of airborne viruses. Humidified air will help care for the babies’ sensitive skin. This will keep the skin from drying out. Mothers will also benefit from steady humidity levels as they recover from birth.

Help Post-Operative Patients

Low humidity levels in the air around post-operative patients can delay the healing process. This is because dry winter skin can prevent wounds from healing quickly. By installing an industrial humidifier, you can avoid these types of problems and help your post-operative patients get back to normal faster.

Protect Burn Victims

Patients in your burn unit must have air that has the right moisture level. Excessive dryness can also cause serious complications. If you have a burn unit, an industrial humidifier is essential.

An Industrial Humidifier for Your Hospital

Cold weather can complicate each of these scenarios. As a result, they can greatly impact your patients and employees. Because of this, you need to have a proactive stance against dry air in cold weather.

To have the healthiest possible atmosphere in your hospital, choose one of our industrial humidifiers for hospitals. We can suggest the best systems for your hospital’s size and budget. We will work with you to provide the best solution. Give us a call at 1-800-921-5230 today to learn more.

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