Why Hospital Industrial Humidifiers are a Must

Having the right amount of humidity is critical to many industries, but none more so than the medical and hospital industries. Hospital industrial humidifiers are vital to the safety, health, and comfort of patients. Because hospitals have several different functions, each room requires humidity for different reasons. Not only does humidity help to reduce the spread of infection, the growth of bacteria, and incidence of sore throats, it is critical to minimize dust and static and to keep patients safer and more comfortable.

Airborne Infections

When the air in a room is dry, it will try to pull moisture from anywhere possible, which includes the mucous membranes of its occupants. An individual’s mucous membrane is responsible for defending the body against airborne infections. If the membranes become dried out, they can’t do their job of fighting against colds, flu, and viruses that are in the air.

Dry Throat and Sore Eyes

If you don’t have the right humidity in your hospital, it can lead to an increased incidence of dry throats and sore eyes. When you are dealing with people who are already suffering the last thing you want to do is to increase the discomfort they are experiencing. Finding the right humidity balance can help to keep patients and visitors around the hospital more comfortable. It will also improve their ability to heal.

The Need for Hospital Industrial Humidifiers in Maternity Wards

Babies’ skin is prone to dryness already. When a newborn enters the world, their skin is highly sensitive and has never been exposed to dry air. To ensure that premature and full-term babies alike can maintain the moisture in their skin for comfort, a hospital industrial humidifier is critical.

Prevention of Premature Coagulation

Preventing premature coagulation is crucial for the safety of post-op patients. If the air has low RH levels, it can lead to premature drying of the skin. If you have a burn unit in your hospital, having low humidity can be highly irritating if not dangerous. It is essential to take into account special populations in your hospital. It is also critical to address the various needs of your patient community.

When you operate a hospital, there are so many things that you have to worry about. To maintain a healthy atmosphere that both provides comfort and safety, hospital industrial humidifiers are key. They help to reduce dry skin, sore throat, premature coagulation, and keep both newborns’ and their mothers’ skin safe post-delivery. Smart Fog delivers the best commercial humidifiers in the industry. We have the technology to maintain a consistent level of humidity without the worry of standing or pooling water. Check out all our great products today!

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