Why Choose Smart Fog Over Other Commercial Humidification Systems

Commercial humidification systems are needed in many different industries. From wine cellars to medical labs, certain environments need to be kept at precise levels of humidity all the time. Humidifiers also help to eliminate dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses. They help keep the environment safe and clean. There are many commercial humidifiers out on the market. So, how do you know which one to choose? Smart Fog is the best option for many reasons. Read on to learn why you should choose Smart Fog over other commercial humidifiers.

Smallest Droplets in the Commercial Humidification Systems Industry

Smart Fog commercial humidification systems produce the smallest droplets in the industry. The droplets are 4.2 microns. This means they are self-evaporating. Any droplet that is under 5 microns will self-evaporate. This means that even though your humidifier is putting out moisture into the air, it will all evaporate before it reaches any surface. This makes the room humid while keeping the ground, walls, furniture, and other items dry. At Smart Fog, we have achieved 100% evaporation rate.

Precise Humidity Control

Smart Fog systems contain algorithms that allow for precise humidity control. This is very important because certain environments require this precise control. For example, a greenhouse needs a certain level of humidity control. This allows things to grow at a proper rate. In addition, a printing press requires humidity control. Without it, the pages could curl and be ruined during the printing process. Another industry where humidity control is crucial is when fruit or vegetables are involved. From the conveyor belt at the farm to the fridge in the grocery store, produce needs precise levels of humidity. Otherwise, the produce could go bad or the ripening process could occur at the wrong rate. Smart Fog systems all allow for precise humidity control in the most efficient way.

Reduces Dust, Mold, Bacteria, and Viruses

Smart Fog uses state-of-the-art technology to help eliminate dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses. The system injects oxygen into each droplet. Next, through a reverse correlation process, adhesion occurs. Dust, airborne diseases, bacteria, and viruses are attracted to the droplets. Since the droplets are less than 5 microns, 100% dust suppression is achieved. This feature is key for many environments, especially schools and medical facilities. However, while schools are place of learning, creativity, and fun, they inevitably can be germ ridden. Therefore, having a commercial humidification system allows the school to stay cleaner. It reduces the number of bacteria and viruses. Medical facilities like doctors’ offices and hospitals are also naturally prone to having bacteria and viruses present. This humidifier can help reduce the spread of illnesses through its advanced technology.

Low Maintenance for Commercial Humidification Systems

Smart Fog stands apart from other commercial humidifiers because the systems are extremely low maintenance. Our systems are “plug and play” installation. Each humidifier is easy to set up. You won’t need any adhesives. Simply use the push-in connectors which can be re-used. These systems can be used in many different places. They can be wall-mounted, placed next to air handling units, suspended from the ceiling, or inside ducts. In addition, the systems all come with plastic flexible piping which is very durable. Therefore, these humidifiers are made to last a long time In addition, Smart Fog systems have no moving parts! There are less things to go wrong, leading to less maintenance.

Extended Warranty

Another important benefit of Smart Fog commercial humidification systems is the extended warranty. Each system comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty. In addition, Smart Fog offers an optional comprehensive extended warranty plan covering all equipment. We know that you will love your humidifier and that it will work well. However, we also want our customers to feel safe knowing that they have a one-year warranty. At Smart Fog, we are all about providing the best customer services possible. We want our customers to be happy with our products and make sure all of their questions are answered.

Does Smart Fog Work for My Industry?

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Photo by Scott Warman on Unsplash

Smart Fog humidifiers are perfect in a wide range of industries. There are so many places that benefit from features like precise humidity control and the reduction of dust and bacteria. Here are some of the industries that can greatly benefit from a Smart Fog humidifier:

  • Manufacturing
  • Clean Rooms
  • Healthcare
  • Print Press
  • Data Centers
  • Indoor Growing
  • Cold Storage
  • Ripening Rooms
  • Food Safety
  • Schools
  • Wine Cellars

All of these industries have a need for a high-quality humidification system to keep their environment safe, clean, and at a specific level of humidity.

Smart Fog Commercial Humidification Systems Products

You may be wondering, what are my humidifier options? At Smart Fog, we 4 different styles of humidifiers.

  • ES100 Industrial Direct Space Humidifiers
  • TS100 In-duct Humidifiers
  • ES100M Mobile Humidifiers
  • Fog Tunnel Solutions

Determine what system works best for your environment. A mobile humidifier works in the trucking industry where an on-the-go solution is needed. An in-duct solution might work better in more permanent environments like a medical lab.

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to commercial humidification systems. Smart Fog provides many beneficial features. Therefore, it is the best choice. Most importantly, Smart Fog has the smallest droplets in the industry at 4.2 microns. This leads to a 100% evaporation rate. In addition, through reverse correlation technology, 100% dust suppression can be achieved. Also, the systems achieve precise humidity control so that you know your environment is always at the humidity level you need. Another great benefit to investing in a Smart Fog humidifier is the fact that they are easy to install, don’t require much maintenance, and come with a one-year warranty. Therefore, whether you own a ripening room or a medical lab, Smart Fog has a solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can help you.

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