Why Adiabatic Matters

If you are interested in humidification, you have two choices: isothermal or adiabatic humidification. Adiabatic has distinct advantages over isothermal. To understand why adiabatic matters, let’s discuss the processes.

Isothermal Humidification

This type of humidification happens whenever a person cooks something on the stove. Water vapor is introduced into the air as an external heat source changes the state of the water into vapor. Although it may be the humidification system with the longest history, that does not mean it is the best choice. An isothermal humidification system is not energy efficient and can also create safety hazards. New technology and smarter fogging systems create a better option than isothermal methods.

Adiabatic Humidification

Water is atomized into fine droplets through specially designed nozzles to create a humidifying fog. No thermal energy is required to produce this humidifying fog. By using a high pressure atomizing method, more energy efficiency is created. Adiabatic humidifiers create advantages like energy savings, precision control, easy installation, safe operation and simple maintenance.

A Smarter Fog

Not all adiabatic humidification systems are alike. One of the most common complaints is pooling of water on surfaces. There is one particular system that has solved this problem with patented technology. By creating a system that produces the smallest water droplet in the humidification industry, there is now an adiabatic humidification system that truly is an advantage-only system. With a water droplet size of only 4.2 microns, full evaporation is achieved before the droplet reaches any surface. This maximizes the humidification capacity of the system, eliminates the safety hazard of pooling and increases precision control of environmental humidity.

Who Recommends Adiabatic Humidification

Engineers recommend an adiabatic humidification system for sensitive data centers. When engineers are designing these systems one of the most critical considerations is environmental controls. IT equipment generates heat yet a high temperature environment is destructive to performance. Air that is too dry creates conditions of static that can interfere with delicate electronic signals. Too much moisture is equally problematic. The precision control provided by an adiabatic humidification system makes this the environmental control of choice by data system engineers. Not only can the levels of moisture in the air be strictly controlled, but optimum humidity levels also help to reduce energy costs for cooling because moister air is cooler air.

In addition to the use of adiabatic humidifying systems in data centers, engineers also recommend them for clean rooms. Electrostatic discharges in clean rooms need to be completely suppressed. At the top of the list for doing this efficiently is the air atomizing method that produces a 4.2 micron droplet size which creates completely non-wetting humidity. There is also the particular advantage of simplicity and versatility for installation of these systems. They can be an in-room humidifier or installed in existing ductwork. With a plug-in and go feature, they are immediately operational.

Zero Condensation Humidity

For businesses with sensitive electronics, it is important to have the proper environmental conditions without the formation of condensation on surfaces. If you can see a puddle on the floor or on top of a counter, that means there is condensation within the components of electronic equipment. With patented smart fogging systems, this problem is eliminated with complete evaporation. A patented adiabatic system will provide optimum environmental conditions with humidity control, dust reduction, and elimination of airborne contaminants all without the problem of condensation and pooling.

Start Fogging Today

Since virtually every business today requires sophisticated electronics, every business can benefit from an adiabatic humidification system. Whether your business is large or small, there is a smart fogging system suitable to meet your needs. They are affordable, easy to install or even retro-fit into existing ductwork. With a filter system that only needs replacement every two years, it is one of the lowest maintenance systems available. For more information for your own reliable, smart fogging system, please contact us today.

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