What is a Dust Suppression System and Why Might You Need One?


A dust suppression system is a system that prevents dust from becoming airborne. These systems help manufacturing plants, construction sites, technology development centers, and other businesses stay clear of tiny dust particles. Depending on the industry, dust can be extremely dangerous, as there have been cases of dust particles exploding.


In addition to minimizing the risk of dust explosions, a dust suppression system helps protect the health of employees in manufacturing plants. Tiny dust particles can enter into the respiratory system and cause disorders and even death. Standard dust suppression masks are not enough to block these minute particles, and further action must be taken.


How does a dust suppression system work?


There are several different tactics that businesses may use for dust suppression. The most common is by employing the use of a fine mist. The biggest problem with this system is the limitations. A heavy misting system may be useful in construction sites, but not practical in factories or technology plants.


Excessive moisture is detrimental to production in many industries. It is not advisable to use moisture-heavy systems in these environments. In these situations, a large humidifier-like system is deployed to capture the dust particles. The biggest benefit of working with systems such as these is that they capture dust without getting surfaces wet.


What makes Smart Fog different?


By reversing the cohesion and adhesion properties of water, Smart Fog technology maximizes the amount of dust collected by droplets of water. This non-chemical process saves water, energy, and is very low-maintenance. Smart Fog technology uses 50 to 90% less energy in their dust suppression systems.


In standard wet fog suppression systems, the water droplets are larger. Dust moves around the surface of these droplets, instead of becoming trapped inside. When the water droplets hit the ground, they burst and cause surfaces to become wet. Using dry fog techniques, companies can avoid excessive moisture. However, these droplets bounce off surfaces, sending particles back into the air. Smart Fog is different from both techniques. As Smart Fog collects dust and heads towards a surface, it evaporates. Due to this, gravity and momentum help the droplet carry dust particles to the ground, avoiding the side effects of the other systems.


The small size of Smart Fog droplets takes advantage of the properties of water. This process uses the cohesion and adhesion properties of water. Dust particles are more attracted to the droplets than standard systems. This process oxidizes the particles. After oxidation, it is used alongside water-dissolving chemicals to disinfect and sanitize surfaces.


Investing in an effective dust suppression system is an easy way to save time, money, and protect employees. Our systems use the latest technology to provide precise humidity control and sanitize and fumigate the air. Most importantly, Smart Fog technology also provides a level of cooling and suppresses dust while eliminating static electricity. Reach out to Smart Fog to learn more. We can help find the perfect system for your needs, so call 775-624-9020 today. Protect your investments by utilizing the latest technology by Smart Fog.


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