Warehouse Humidity Control with a Commercial Humidifier

Warehouses are an important part of the supply chain for goods in the U.S. and the world. Distributors and manufacturers use warehouses to store hard and soft goods. Millions of employees work in these environments to facilitate their movement and storage. Owners of these businesses have the responsibility to create a safe and productive working environment for employees. In this regard, let’s discuss how warehouse humidity control with a commercial humidifier creates a safe working environment for warehouse workers.

Warehouse Humidity Control and Temperature Level Standards

Warehouse humidity control regulates the temperature and humidity levels in warehouses and is required by law in the U.S. to avoid creating what’s commonly called “sweat shops.” We find out exactly what these standards are in an article found on Chron, called: “Industrial Standards for the Temperature in Employee Work Areas”, written by Carol Luther the article explains:

“…Regardless of business size, the minimum temperature for indoor workplaces is 68 Fahrenheit and the maximum is 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The acceptable range for indoor humidity is between 20 and 60 percent.”

The acceptable range for humidity is fairly wide and the recommended levels differ according to the type of goods warehouses are storing. OSHA’s recommended levels will provide a comfortable and safe environment for employees. Different types of goods have to be stored at different humidity levels. The Engineering Toolbox website has a chart showing the exact humidity levels for different types of goods on their website. Generally, humidity levels need to stay within a 5 to 10 percent difference.

Dangers of Excessive Temperature and Humidity for Employees

Commercial businesses need to consider the comfort and safety of their employees because no matter what geographical region warehouses are located, excessive temperature and humidity levels can be present and need to be regulated to ideal levels. Here are some main dangers that can occur if warehouse humidity control is not regulated properly:

    • Fines from the Government
    • Unproductive Workers
    • Fatigued and Distracted Workforce
    • Sickness and Health Concerns
    • Complaints and Poor Moral
    • Bad Reputation for Commercial Business

Let’s elaborate on a few of these dangers (especially the last one) by looking at an article on eCommerce Bytes, called: “Sellers Worried about Conditions in Amazon Warehouses”, written by Ina Steiner.  The article explains:

…’An emergency room doctor in June called federal regulators to report an ‘unsafe environment’ after he treated several Amazon workers for heat-related problems…’”

Uncontrolled temperature and humidity levels together create uncomfortable and unproductive work environments; in addition to poor work environments, it can be hazardous to the health of warehouse workers.

Air-Borne Particulates and Health

Another danger caused by uncontrolled humidity levels is air-borne particulates that can make workers sick and uncomfortable due to particulates such as: viruses, molds, bacteria, dust mites, etc. These air-borne particulates are present even with proper levels of humidity and temperature. However, excessive levels of humidity, particularly, cause these to flourish. This is why commercial warehouses need a commercial humidification system that also sanitizes the air (like Smart Fog’s humidification systems).

Conclusion and Solution

Effectively monitoring warehouse humidity control in warehouses is vital for the protection of goods and workers. Federal laws, avoiding a bad reputation, ensuring the health of workers, and increasing productivity are all good reasons commercial warehouse business owners should make this a priority.

HVAC units are good for temperature control but not with humidity levels; however, the good news is that commercial warehouses can now use a Smart Fog humidification system.  These systems use a patented technology to precisely regulate humidity levels while sanitizing the air.

In conclusion, Smart Fog’s humidification systems are perfect for warehouse businesses.  Furthermore, these units are low pressure, energy-efficient, very low maintenance, and easy to install whether wall-mounted or placed in-duct. Commercial warehouse businesses need the best HVAC and humidification systems available in order to ensure the safety and comfort of workers and protect their goods. If interested in learning more, customer’s can browse our website in addition to contacting us directly.

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