The Link Between Humidifiers and Productivity: Why They’re Essential for Offices

Productivity is crucial for any organization to succeed in the modern world. In fact, businesses today place organizational productivity as their top priority to meet the ever-increasing demands of markets. That’s because an efficient workforce not only drives growth and success for the company but also helps ensure sustainability in the long run.

However, many organizations struggle with creating a conducive work environment to foster productivity. Though they consider factors like lighting and temperature, humidity is an aspect that is usually neglected.

This blog will explore the link between humidifiers and productivity in office spaces and dive into the benefits of incorporating them. The purpose is to provide companies with valuable insight into utilizing humidity control to optimize productivity.

Helps Reduce Sick Days Off

One of the biggest links between humidifiers and productivity is that it improves indoor air quality and substantially reduces sick days off.

Studies show that low humidity levels can make the environment more conducive to the spread of airborne diseases. As a result, they significantly increase the chances of more employees falling ill, adversely impacting a company’s productivity.

On the other hand, by incorporating a humidifier in the workplace, companies can prevent the spread of airborne viruses. That’s because they substantially reduce the survival rate of specific viruses, making it harder to spread from person to person. This means employees are less likely to get sick, resulting in fewer days off.

Improves Cognitive Health

According to a study conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, office air highly impacts an employee’s cognitive function and productivity. This includes functions such as their response time and the ability to focus. Researchers revealed that individuals who work in lower air quality environments show impaired cognitive functions. As a matter of fact, up to PM2.5 levels were noted to cause severe reductions in cognitive function.

This means that offices with poor air quality are more likely to be less productive. Comparatively, workplaces with humidifiers are bound to have more active, alert, and productive employees.

Increases Employee Morale and Mental Health

Dry indoor air can make employees uncomfortable and cause issues like dry skin and scratchy throat. In this way, it can adversely affect how they feel about their work. Besides, scientific studies show there is a strong link between air quality and mental health. In fact, research suggests that polluted air can lead to feelings of depression.

That’s why there’s a link between humidifiers and productivity in helping employees feel more positive about their workspace. After all, it can help contribute to the overall well-being of employees. When employees feel more positive, their morale is also likely to improve. In this way, companies can ensure high productivity and employee retention levels.

an office with clean air

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