The Importance and Benefits of Treating Water

Smart Fog makes industrial humidifiers that are high-quality and will keep your environment comfortable all year long. Did you know that Smart Fog also makes filters for water treatment? Water treatment is a very important process. It is crucial that, whether water is being used for drinking, irrigation, or water recreation, it is properly treated. Water that is not properly treated can make people very sick. At Smart Fog, your health is our number one priority. From an industrial humidifier to a water treatment filter, we take great pride in our high-quality products. Read on to learn more about the water treatment process and the benefits of our water filter.

Why Is Water Treatment Important?

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Water treatment is very important. In the United States, you can feel comfortable drinking water out of the tap, eating fresh fruits washed with water, and rinsing your mouth with water after brushing your teeth. This is due to our high-tech and thorough water treatment process. If you have ever traveled to another country such as Mexico, you know that it is not safe to drink out of the tap. This is due to different treatment processes that potentially allow for waterborne disease to form and spread. This can be very dangerous to the health of humans. Drinking water that is not treated properly can cause an upset stomach, parasites, and sometimes very serious illness.

At Smart Fog, we know how important water filtration is. We also know that clean water is necessary even in situations where you won’t be drinking it. For example, water is used in our industrial humidifiers to make the environment reach the desired level of humidity. The humidifiers produce micron droplets that can’t be seen, but inevitably they will be inhaled by the people in the room. This is why it is so important for the water to be filtered ahead of time to make sure it is completely pure and clean. Our ZeroTDS water filters can be mounted to the wall or remain freestanding. Installation is clean and fast. In addition to filtering water for humidifiers, our filters work in water towers, boiler systems, etc.

Removes Minerals

Minerals occur naturally in water. Our filter creates pure water. Our filters remove 100%  of silica, chlorine, and minerals from water. The filter also removes mercury and lead. Most minerals that are in water have molecules that are larger than water molecules, enabling us to filter them out. Rest assured that the water running through our filters is coming out clean.

Total Dissolved Solids

As mentioned above, water that passes through our ZeroTDS Water Filter is completely pure. You may be wondering what TDS stands for. It means total dissolved solids. Once the water passes through our filter, there are 0 parts per million (ppm) of dissolved solids. So what exactly are these solids and why are they in our water? According to the Safe Drinking Water Foundation, TDS are made up of inorganic salts and a small amount of organic matter. This includes things like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, nitrates, chloride, sulfates, and more.

These solids end up in the water for a variety of reasons. This could be due to water running over rocks that have a high salt content, or from things like agricultural or urban runoff. TDS do not cause health issues, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created guidelines as to how much should be in water. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also said that anything less than 300 TDS milligrams per liter is rated as excellent quality.

De-Scaler: Important for an Industrial Humidifier

De-scaling is necessary especially when water is being put into an industrial humidifier. Otherwise, over time, the humidifier will get a lot of buildup from the silica that naturally occurs in water. Our Smart Fog de-scaler uses electronic scale removal technology to prevent scale in water systems. The de-scaler removes silica. Water naturally contains silica. Silica is the second most abundant element on Earth. This is the cause of white film on glasses or appliances that homeowners sometimes see after they are used. If ingested in small quantities, it is not harmful, but it is still something we don’t want in filtered water. By using our filter, the water will have 0 ppm of Silica.

Easy to Maintain

The Smart Fog filters are easy to maintain. The Smart Fog ZeroTDS water filter is a standalone plug and play system. It eliminates scaling and the dust and maintenance for any water system. The system also contains high-tech sensors that monitor the filter. They indicate when a replacement is necessary. The filters are mesh and highly chemical resistant. Just like our industrial humidifiers, our filters are easy to maintain.

Smart Fog – Provider of a High-Quality Industrial Humidifier and Water Filtering System

Smart Fog has more to offer than industrial humidifiers. In fact, we provide a wide range of water treatment solutions. Our systems lead to pure H2O product water by removing chlorine, minerals, total dissolved solids, and silica. The system of mesh filters is chemical resistant. Treating water is very important. Without properly filtered and treated water, we can get sick. At Smart Fog our top priority is keeping our customers safe. We do this through precise humidity levels and bacteria/virus suppression with our humidifiers. Our product allows for 100% pure water filtration with our ZeroTDS filter. At Smart Fog we help clients across a wide variety of industries. For more information about our products and the technology we use to make them work, contact us today.



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