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    Smart Fog® ZeroTDS Water Filter


    Wall Mount or Free stand option

    • All enclosed system (Clean and fast installation)
    • Pure H2O Product Water
    • Removes 100% Silica!
    • Removes Chlorine
    • Removes Minerals
    • You get PURE H2O

    Smart Fog® ZeroTDS Water Filter is a standalone plug and play system.The Smart Fog® ZeroTDS Filter can purify the water to:

    • TDS (total dissolved solids): 0 ppm
    • Silica: 0 ppm

    Utilizing the Smart Fog® ZeroTDS Water Filter eliminates the scaling, dust and maintenance on any water system (e.g. Humidification system, Boiler system, Water towers, etc.)The system includes sensors to monitor the performance of the Smart Fog® ZeroTDS Water Filter and also indicates when there is a need to replace the elements.

    The ZeroTDS technology is a four (4) stage filtration process.

    For humidification equipment the Smart Fog® ZeroTDS system can eliminate the dust in the air.

    Smart Fog® De-Scaler

    The Smart Fog® De-Scaler utilizes the Smart Fog® proprietary electronic scale removal technology which prevents any scale on water systems with water that does not contain silica. For water containing Silica please utilize the Smart Fog® ZeroTDS.

    Smart Fog Mesh Filters

    Smart Fog® provides a wide range of highly chemical resistant mesh filters.

    Clean Environment with Smart Fog

    Smart Fog system can incorporate any water dissolving material. Clean environment