Super Dust Suppression

Industries that require dust suppression find that Smart Fog humidifiers provide the best dust suppression. That’s because the tiny droplets of water used by the system capture all of the dust and suppress them on the ground.

Smart Fog humidifiers provide dust suppression

Dust suppression is important to workers’ health and for the environment as well. Although workers may wear dust masks, these do not always stop them from breathing harmful amounts of dust through the mask. There are also other businesses that need to eliminate all dust from their air, and Smart Fog is capable of suppressing 100% of the dust in an environment. It uses a proven method of producing tiny water droplets that is defined as Dry Fog. The water droplets trap the dust so that the dust particles are not able to move through the air. All sizes of dust particles can be suppressed by this system.

Dust suppression that has been proven to work

Industries that need to have dust free environments such as computer component manufacturing plants and other industries have found that Smart Fog is able to completely eliminate dust in their plants. The size of the particles doesn’t matter since Smart Fog is capable of suppressing any size particle.

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