Smart Fog System Provides Proper Humidity Greenhouses

The controlled environment of a greenhouse includes the necessity for the right humidity level. Smart Fog systems provide a constant humidity level that helps plants thrive.

Smart fog system raises humidity in greenhouses

The Smart Fog system is ideal for greenhouses because it is capable of raising humidity to very high levels without moisture pooling around plants. Many plants such as tropical plants need high humidity levels, but excess water can cause mold and mildew on some types of plants. There is a system for every greenhouse, including our fogger or misting or cooling system.

A fog system that mists or cools

We also offer other systems that can mist and cool the air in a greenhouse. Some plants require misting so that they can absorb the water through their leaves. While other systems often leave pools of water, Smart Fog will not do that. Our systems can also cool air for plants requiring cooler temperatures.

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