Smart Fog® Smart Spot Humidifier Unit

Product Number:    SS100

Product Name:       Smart Fog® Smart Spot Humidifier Unit

smart spot humidifier unit
Product Description:

Smart Fog® Smart Spot Humidifier Unit is an all enclosed plug and play modular intelligent humidification system that doesn’t require any regulation or setting, everything is pre-calibrated to the most efficient and effective performance. The unit is mobile, made completely from Stainless Steel, and is equipped with a digital controller and a relative humidity sensor.

Product Advantages:

·         Maintenance free, no moving parts

·         Fast and simple plug and play installation

·         4.2 micron droplet size with Smart Fog® equal air spacing technology

·         Smart Fog® Double Cooling technology (Evaporative Cooling and Cold Fog)

·         Non-clogging mechanism

·         Modular system fits to any application and size.

·         Precise Relative Humidity Control (±1%) from 1% to 100% in any condition

·         Conserve Energy and Water

·         Safe! Low operating pressure

·         Eliminate mold, bacteria, viruses and insects

·         Complete dust suppression (any size partials)

·         High Quality workmanship, MADE IN THE USA

·         NO wet spots, Guaranteed

Unit Placement Options:

·         Free Standing

·         Portable


Coverage Capacity: 10,000 cf

Output Capacity:  1.5 gph, 3 lb/h (6 L/h)

Electrical Requirements:
Primary Voltage: 120 V

Power Demand: 8A

Compresssed Air Requirement:

Rated Input: 5 cfm @ 100 psi

Min: 100 psi (7 bar)

Max: 130 psi (9 bar)

Water Requirement:
Min Water Pressure: 10 psi (1 bar)
Max Water Pressure: 80 psi (6 bar)

Control Tolerance: 1 +/- %

Operating Parameters:
Min Temp: 30 F / -1 C
Max Temp: 210 F / 99 C

General Technology:

Nozzle (compressed air & water)

SmartFog De-correlation

SmartFog Airnet

Water Tolerance:

Deionized / Demineralized


Raw / Tap
Unit Dimention:
36 in (91.4 cm) Height
6 in (15.2 cm) Radius
Weight: 30 lbs (14 kg)
Note: Unit is equipped with compressor (OPTIONAL).