Smart Fog Room Humidifiers No Wetting

For over 30 years Smart Fog has been providing dry fog room humidifiers to commercial and industrial customers. We have become known for our products that are dependable and easy to maintain.

Room humidifiers for a wide range of applications

We have provided room humidifiers for over 60 industries. The humidification equipment that we produce is used for dry fog evaporative cooling, wine cellar cooling, potato storage, and more. We also offer humidity chambers and humidity control systems such as greenhouse foggers, greenhouse misting equipment, and dry fog humidifiers. Many industries rely on our dry fog system, including the food and farming industries. Mushroom growers, cotton and tobacco growers, and companies with ripening rooms depend on our humidification systems to provide the proper humidity. We meet the needs of each of our customers, even though their needs are unique. We can also design a customized Smart Fog system for businesses with special needs.

Room humidifiers that leave no wetting

So many industries rely on Smart Fog for humidification because of our dry fog method. Our humidifiers provide from 1 percent to 99 percent humidity without wetting. They produce tiny droplets of water as small as 4.2 microns that stay in the air to provide consistent levels of humidity. Although the features of our humidity control equipment vary, they have cooling effects to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and low pressure only 100 PSI. Droplet sizes are uniform for even distribution and our equipment uses less energy and water, conserving 40 to 60 percent. Humidifiers require low maintenance, and many only need maintenance once every two years. The equipment is fully automated and is easy to install as well. We are the Number One manufacturer of intelligent non-wetting industrial humidification systems. You can request a quote from us by emailing us at, or call us at 1-800-921-5230.