Smart Fog® MS100 Control Unit

Product Number:    MS100-VB

Product Name:       Smart Fog® MS100 Control Unit
Product Description:
Smart Fog® MS100 VB Control Unit is a reliable control center for the MS100 System. Easy plug & play install and maintenance free design provides a bullet proof industrial solution for humidity control appliacation. This unit controls a constant stream of 0 psi water pressure.

Unit Placement Options:

·         Free Standing

·         Ceiling Mount

·         Portable

·         Wall Mount

Electrical Requirements:
Primary Voltage: 24 V DC

Power Demand: 1 A

Control Tolerance: 1 +/- %
Operating Parameters:
Min Temp: 30 F / -1 C
Max Temp: 210 F / 99 C

Unit Dimention: 15 in (38.4 cm) W x 11 in (28.3 cm) H x 6 in (16.0 cm) D

Weight: 8 lbs (4 kg)


Note: Unit comes complete with 4 wall mounting brackets & 4 Truss HD. Machine Screws.