Smart Fog Humidification Systems Leave No Wet Spots

At Smart Fog, we have been helping over 60 industries with the humidification that they need for their businesses. We have helped them lower their costs and protect their products without any wetting on products or on the floor. We make our equipment in the USA and customize it for businesses when needed. Our reputation of excellent customer services was earned by the fact that we are there for our customers when they need us.

Our humidification products require little to no maintenance

Most of our humidification products require very little maintenance of only one time each 2 years. The convenience of our simple and fast installation is another reason why our customers depend on us for the getting the proper humidity levels at their businesses. Our humidifiers provide precise control from 1% to 99% without any wetting in any conditions. We guarantee no wet spots. This is possible because our products produce the smallest droplet size in the market. Droplets are only 4.2 microns, so they stay in the air and do not fall to hit products or the floor. Our customers have found that they have a fast return on their investment by saving products that would otherwise have been wasted.

Humidification is required for many industries

Commercial and industrial facilities such as textile industries, explosive storage, clean rooms, waste disposal, and many other industries have found that our dry fog system works best. We realize that dry fog levels that are too high or too low can cause serious problems and even pose a health risk. Areas with extremely high humidity levels need to reduce these levels so that mold does not grow. Our Smart Fog system can use organic materials that eliminate mold through automatic use in our systems.