Smart Fog Humidification for Tobacco Storage

Warehouses & work areas:

Tobacco must be kept at high humidity to keep leaf moisture at 16-18% and prevent crumbling. Adding high humidity, 60% or more, to large storage rooms, allows the tobacco leaf to breathe-in water vapor, without the wetness that blackens leaves and causes mold. The Smart Fogger provides true “dry fog” for high humidity in tobacco storage.

Smart Fog’s Fogger can also provide the controlled humidity solution at several stages of tobacco product production.

Heating Sheds
Italian tobacco producers have found the solution to their curing problems. To quick-cure the tobacco, Italian processors use heating kilns to dry the leaves at 70° C over a 4 to 7 day period.
The Smart Fog Fogger gives better results faster, cheaper, and easier than steam or spray systems in heating kilns:
Smart Fog Steam Systems Sprayed Water
Results after Humidification Optimal humidity without wetness No Wetting Wet leaves, non-uniform humidity
Maintenance Simple and inexpensive Expensive and complicated Systems clog easily
Treatment cycle time 4-8 hours 6-15 hours 8-12 hours

The Smart Fog uses high-velocity compressed air to produce a true “dry fog” of micro-droplets. The foggers are installed above the tobacco so that the droplets evaporate into the air before they reach the tobacco. The water vapor increases relative humidity in the air without wetness. Tobacco leaves absorb the humidity, adding moisture and flexibility to the leaf, and preventing crumbling.

Moisture remains in the leaf.
Leaves remain flexible making processing easier.
Leaf spines remain dry and brittle.
Leaves don’t crumble reducing loss and saving profits.
Low maintenance due to the Smart Fog System’s large non-clogging nozzle, with no moving parts.
Uniform RH throughout the storage area, with no wetness.
Simple, reliable RH control.
Easy modular installation: You can equip one curing room and add a dozen, install in a small or large warehouse.

The Smart Fog has been installed in hundreds of tobacco curing sheds in Italy, and tobacco storage warehouses in Mexico.