Room Humidifiers and Air Humidifiers

SmartFog has been making DryFog humidification systems since 1980 for their customers in order to lower costs, protect their products, and provide precise and even humidity control with their room humidifiers. That’s nearly three decades of experience they use to give you the best products for humidity control for any type of facility of any size. They have assisted their customers in achieving their goals for protecting their products by providing precise, even humidity and continue to do so. They have earned their reputation for their superb performance and reliability and you will find that their room humidifiers will provide you with the right humidity control for your needs.

DryFog humidity control solutions deliver the consistent and precise humidity to apply for all of your needs in your specific type of facility. They manufacture a variety of room humidifiers to suit the unique situations of their individual customers. Their products are used in many different food service and agricultural facilities. If you have products in cold storage, warehouses, wineries, or mushroom production you can see why you would have different needs for your particular products. There are also ripening rooms, greenhouses, tobacco or cotton storage, and many other facilities which require a precise and accurate way to control humidity.

Room humidifiers can also be used to provide humidity control in industrial and commercial industries, where there is a need to control humidity to preserve materials or to suppress particles. Textile Industries and HVAC Systems are only two of the many types of facilities where room humidifiers may be a necessity and those at Smart Fog are able to provide you with moisture control of up to 99% humidity without wetting. You will also get energy and water conservation by 40 to 60 percent. Smart Fog has what you need for humidity, fumigation, and cooling solutions and they deliver consistently and reliably while saving you money.

DryFog is a patented technology that is produced by SmartFog and is based on fractal frequency technology that was developed in 1972. It utilizes precision engineering while it uses compressed air and water to reverse the correlation effect and creates a consistent water droplet size that is a minute 4.2 microns. The small size of the water droplets allows humidity to be dispersed into the air evenly so that the room humidifiers with DryFog technology are the ones that offer you the most humidity control using precision engineering that has proven effective to many customers for twenty-seven years.

Whatever you need room humidifiers for, is the place to find the right equipment for your facility. They offer humidity control for greenhouse cooling, wine cellars, dust suppression, potato storage, and evaporative cooling. Any need you have for room humidifiers, SmartFog can help you maintain even and precise humidity for your needs. SmartFog also proudly carries the “Made in the USA” label. You can get the room humidifiers for all your needs at SmartFog where the products are American made by a company with a reputation for superb performance and reliability that has come from making equipment which scales well for facilities of all sizes and which has provided equipment that has solved humidity control problems for three decades.