Potato Storage Humidification

The potato storage environment

Compared to potatoes, even wine is relatively easy to store and age. Controlling temperature, light and humidity in the environment is very important when it comes to potato storage. When potatoes are in an enclosed area where they are exposed to light then they can quickly go to seed, developing a green color and turning bitter, with sprouts developing in the green areas.

When the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, a potato will begin to sweeten because of the conversion to sugar from starch. When the sweetened potatoes are cooked, they turn a dark color. Also, because potatoes are 80 percent water, they have a tendency to store poorly when temperatures cause the potatoes to freeze. The freezing process separates the starch from the nutrients in potatoes.

Make the Most of Potato Storage

Like wine, a potato storage unit should be a dark, damp place with a consistent temperature in the 45 to 50 degree Fahrenheit range. The dampness helps this vegetable retain the proper water levels during the storage phase of moving them from the farm to the consumer. In a properly controlled environment, potatoes can be stored for weeks at a time without any degradation in their quality.

The DryFog potato storage solution.

Smart Fog has spent years developing equipment to help companies maintain proper storage of potatoes and other high-maintenance food products. A Smart Fog system can provide help in keeping each potato at the right temperature and proper humidity levels, without becoming overly damp while it is stored. Learn more about DryFog.US systems by contacting us. After all, you need humidity.