Over 60 Industries Use Smart Fog’s Humidification Systems

There’s no doubt that our humidification systems offer superior features over other systems. We have been helping small and large industries alike for over 30 years with our stock models and customized systems that we make for industries requiring specific capabilities.

Industries use our humidification systems for many reasons

Of course, all of the 60 different industries that use our humidification systems have their unique reasons for purchasing our products. Our systems share many of our Smart Fog features such as Dry Fog systems that provide humidity without wetting or pooling. Products are protected when the humidity is evenly controlled. Our products are appropriate for all different size applications. You can expect a fast return on your investment because our humidifiers extend the life of produce and food products and they minimize evaporation of wine from barrels. They also allow you to control the humidity from 1 percent to 99 percent without any wetting in any condition. The secret to our products is the tiny droplet size of only 4.2 microns. The tiny water droplets stay in the air and off the floor.

Our humidification systems use low energy and water consumption

Another way that industries save money with our systems is that they use less energy and water consumption than other types of humidifiers. We offer simple and quick installation of our products, and they require very low maintenance. They only need maintenance one time every two years. We will be happy to provide a quote for your industrial or commercial humidifier needs. You can contact us online at info@smartfog.com or call us at 800-921-5230. Our products are made in the USA and most of them come with a one year warranty. We also offer extended warranties if you are interested in purchasing one of these.