No One Likes Dust Dust Suppression

No one likes dust in their home or workspace. Vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops, and cleaning tools of that type sometimes seem to do less dust removal and more dust reorganization than anything else. For people with allergies or respiratory distress caused by illness, moving dust around a room is truly unpleasant, and occasionally dangerous. Non-wetting humidification systems can aid in dust suppression, by making it more difficult for dust particles to become airborne, as they are weighted down with moisture.

In a workplace where dust is an issue, commercial humidification can vastly improve work conditions and help maintain the health of staff. It can also keep dust and other airborne particles out of delicate or costly machinery, increasing the lifespan of many tools and the safety of staff during their use. If dust is a problem for you or your staff, at home or at work, consider a non-wetting humidification system. Nobody likes dust, and there is no reason for it to cause problems every day.

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