Manufacturing RS100 Humidifiers Reno, Nevada

Smart Fog® RS100 Humidifier

Produce Section

Retail perishables have complex humidity needs, and the RS100 is a non-wetting humidity control solution that fully addresses them. Ideal for produce, meat, and fish display cases, the system delivers automated 24/7 control to keep food fresh and eliminate mold and bacteria. The RS100 also provides the additional benefit of keeping display cases clean and corrosion-free.

The systems are simple to install and safely operate from low pressure compressed air and any available water pressure. The nozzles are maintenance-free and run on a 100% continuous duty cycle to ensure reliable operation to maximize the shelf life of your perishable products.


  • Eliminate Rotting, Mold & Bacteria
  • Reduce Display Case Corrosion
  • Conserve Energy & Water
  • Safety! Low Operation Pressure
  • No Wetting Ensured


comparing the ‘wet fog’ and ‘dry fog’

“Dry Fog is a fog that does not moisten the exposed surfaces”

The secret of Dry Fog lies in the small droplet size of the water. At this size the droplets rebound from surfaces like soap bubbles. Smart Fog has succeeded in manipulating the droplet size to be the smallest in the industry. According to researchers, the use of Dry Fog aids in reducing dust & airborne bacteria/viruses from the air.


Classification Droplet size Time for particle to fall 10 feet (seconds)
Wet Fog

Dry Fog2-91,019-25.400