Leading Producer Industrial Humidifier

We have devoted ourselves to making the best industrial humidifier available today. Our humidification systems are used by over 60 different industries for a multitude of reasons. They all depend on the reliable and consistent humidity produced by our products.

Our smart fog industrial humidifier in-duct model provides humidity control

Our ES100 In-Duct humidifier is an industrial humidifier that uses 100% evaporation technology. You do not need droplet screens, ducts, or drains with our humidifier. It is fully automated and energy efficient to provide the proper level of humidity for your application. Installation is simple and our products require very little maintenance. With our in-duct model, you will eliminate mold, bacteria, and dust. It uses no drains, pumps, or fans, and it can be mounted on the wall or inserted into ducts.

An industrial humidifier with evaporative cooling and cold fog

There are many advantages of using our humidifier, including the fact that it produces even humidity in the area. The 4.2 micron droplet size has equal air spacing technology that keeps the moisture in the air and off the floor. The modular system fits into any application and size, making it convenient and easy to use.