Keep Air Cle Dust Suppression Systems

Working in a factory, warehouse or any location with poor ventilation exposes some people to heavy dust particles. Dust isn’t always visible in the air. In fact, many people who breathe in dust on a regular basis are unaware of this hazard. It’s not until they begin to develop frequent or ongoing respiratory problems that they suspect problems with the air quality. 

Smart Fog dust suppression systems offer a proven and reliable way to eliminate the amount of dust particles in the air. Less dust translates into better breathing conditions and a cleaner working environment. Dust suppression systems keep employees healthy, which ultimately help employers increase or maintain a level of productivity.

The concept behind dust suppression systems is simple. The system produces dry fog, which is essentially water droplets in the air. These droplets are designed to trap dust particles and keep the air clean of contaminants. Smart Fog systems are cost-effective and acquire less water and power than similar systems. Using the system results in cleaner breathing air and fewer respiratory-related illnesses on the job.

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