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Industrial Humidifier

Controlled humidity can be the difference between an efficient, productive workplace and a high maintenance nightmare.


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    Industrial Humidifier

    Controlled humidity can be the difference between an efficient, productive workplace and a high maintenance nightmare. The Smart Fog industrial humidifier allows you to effortlessly create a work environment that balances the needs of both industrial components and living, breathing workers.

    For 37 years, Smart Fog has been the leader in advancing humidification with its patented ‘dry fog’ technology, which uses compressed air to evenly disseminate 4.2 micron diameter droplets of moisture into the atmosphere. These droplets evaporate into the air before hitting the ground, producing an even, humid, but never wet or beaded environment. This uniform dissemination produces a corresponding controlled humidity that keeps dust and errant particles at bay, but also encourages productive flexibility in materials. This combination is perfect for a variety of industrial settings, including clean rooms, textile industries, paper production, waste disposal, and explosive storage.
    Much like a custom-woven filter, the Smart Fog industrial humidifier prevents unwanted particles from interacting with your industrial materials by weighing down those particles with moisture and propelling them on to the floor. Simultaneously, the humidifier preserves the intrinsic malleable nature of the material by keeping the moisture in the atmosphere at a predictable, steady level. Essentially, when these two effects are combined, you can stop wasting your time preparing your industrial materials for use—they will be ready to use as is. This highly regulated setting not only cuts down on excess particles but also promotes a significant reduction in static electricity, reducing the cling factor in your materials.

    And the environment benefits employees, too. The regulated, clean atmosphere will promote easier breathing and a predictable, temperate environment, allowing everyone to feel comfortable and concentrate on their work. Additionally, the Smart Fog MS100 Industrial Humidifier meets Environmental Protection Agency standards for dust suppression in a cost-effective manner, providing an affordable alternative to electrostatic precipitators.The Smart Fog ES100 System Industrial Humidifier is exceptionally easy to maintain. Instead of a pinhole nozzle, the Smart Fog employs a 1.5 millimeter opening that can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. With a highly adaptable design, the Smart Fog can be installed in a variety of locales, whether you want to incorporate it into your air conditioner or place it above the work floor.
    Smart Fog’s dedication to maintaining and improving the quality of controlled industrial humidity has resulted in both an excellent reputation and highly adaptable humidifiers which serve practically every industrial need. While the ES100 System will provide the controlled humidity needed to satisfy most industrial settings, Smart Fog can also design a custom humidifier system to address a variety of specialized industrial requirements.

    Our years of experience in creating and refining controlled humidity have provided us with the knowledge and technical expertise to help your business realize an ideal work environment, no matter the complexity or scale. We will be happy to give you a free quote over the phone or through our website; simply fill out our custom quote form with the particulars of your application.

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