Humidity Control Equipment

Humidity Control Equipment for Occupied Spaces

In the USA and Canada, many regulations are set in place to specify the proper levels of humidity for occupied spaces. Sometimes, building contractors and consulting firms ignore the set regulations and building codes for humidity. Builders cut costs on humidity control equipment and chambers to increase their profit or to offer a lower price to the companies they are building for in order to win the bid.



Finding high quality Equipment

Humidity control equipment with special sensors has been developed to accurately track changes in humidity levels in order to make sure proper levels of humidity are maintained. When the air needs more water, the system increases production; when less water is needed, production decreases. It’s as simple as that. However, most of the equipment on the market can only provide up to 70 percent humidity without condensation.


Smart Fog’s Humidity Control Equipment

Smart Fog has created a new system of humidity control with the ability to provide up to 98 percent humidity in a controlled environment, without creating freestanding water. The dry fog equipment is monitored by a specially developed sensor more sensitive to humidity changes than competing sensors. Learn more about the differences between the Smart Fog equipment as compared to other units by contacting Smart Fog.